Weekly Photo Challenge – “Delicate Cluster”

“My sacred one, my mother.” Walt Whitman
Before I started to blog, my wife Francis, of Disappearing in Plain Sight, invited me to collaborate on this post and it fits well with this weeks travel theme, Delicate, from Where’s My backpack?
So here goes some delicate recycling, and that’s good for the earth, right?
Peace to all, and memories to our departed loved ones. Bruce



Delicate cluster! flag of teeming life!
Covering all my lands! all my sea-shores lining!
Flag of death! (how I watch’d you through the smoke of battle pressing!
How I heard you flap and rustle, cloth defiant!)
Flag cerulean! sunny flag! with the orbs of night dappled!
Ah my silvery beauty! ah my woolly white and crimson!
Ah to sing the song of you, my matron mighty!
My sacred one, my mother.

(Walt Whitman)

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