Suffer us not to mock ourselves with falsehood — T. S. Eliot


slides0031by bruce witzel - artist unknown


Blessed sister, holy mother, spirit of the fountain, spirit of the garden

Suffer us not to mock ourselves with falsehood



Teach us to care and not to care

Teach us to sit still

Even among these rocks.



Our peace in his will

And even among these rocks

Sister, mother,

And spirit of the river, spirit of the sea


Photo of photo in our cabin by bruce witzel - original photo by my friend Darrell McIntosh


Suffer me not to be separated

And let my cry come unto Thee.


T.S. Eliot




10 thoughts on “Suffer us not to mock ourselves with falsehood — T. S. Eliot

  1. Thank you, Bruce. This post is beautiful, both in images and words of wisdom. I have followed your posts for a long time, and should previously have shared my gratitude for your thoughtful and passionate views of the world that often gift me with inspiration and hope when I seem to need that. That is the case for today. Thank you.
    Who is the artist of the picture that accompanies the text by T.S. Eliot? It is stunning and I’d like to explore more.

    • Your welcome Kathleen… this is why I create these snippets and articles. Hopefully to share something that may inspire or bring awareness or even illumination to others. I am grateful for your expressing that I have achieved this at times for you (even if in a small measure). Thanks for your gratitude.

      In my humanness at times I doubt myself, especially in regards to my ego and my motives. You help me realize that even if I miss the mark at times, that is right for me to continue this path I have choose (imperfections and all). It is when I am lost that I am found.

      In regards to the photo of the artwork, I have to admit I often have take photos of artwork and fail to note the artist. THis is one of those cases. When I do know, I usually will credit the artist and/or ask for their permission (if possible). For awhile I struggled if this was alright to do. After listening to a few podcasts about intellectual and artistic property rights, the digital commons, as well as modern curating in the digital age, in the end my conscience dictates that in most cases this is OK. I don not do this for financial gain, rather for the common good.

      An example is the framed photo at the bottom of my post, the beautfiul image of the wave breaking against the rocks on the West Coast of Vancouver Island,. A photography friend of mine took the picture – Darrell McIntosh. And he was happy to allow me to use his images. Normally I would have credited him below the photo, though this time I decided it would break the flow and message of T.S. Eliot.

      • Thanks, Bruce. I understand your qualms re: photography and artistic sharing, and I do believe your motives are true. Working from the opposite side, I share your passion for photography and often search for quotes or passages etc. that ‘speak’ to my photos as I share them with others. I give credit always where possible, and hope that in cases where I can’t, that my intentions to share joy and thoughtful dialogue without monitary reward are reason enough for borrowing a phrase now and then.
        I look forward to future posts, both words and pictures. Please keep well.

  2. Beautiful writings Bruce. Thank you for that. Things are getting pretty serious with Covid in the UK. And the situation in the US seems to be dire as well. God help the human race.

    • Your welcome Lynn .. sadly, there seems to be a disconnect with some people not really recognizing how serious of an issue this is for humanity. It is getting worse in Canada too. Hopefully it doesn’t become as it was during the first wave of the pandemic in Northern Italy and New York city … though I think many places of the world it is. Take care and be well.

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