Come, you lost atoms to your centre draw near and be the eternal mirror that you saw. Rays that have wandered into darkness wide, back into your sun, subside.


Sufi poet, Attar.


Sunrise on the lake taken from our deck 2020-11-20 bruce witzel photo

Image of the lake from the deck, received Friday morning November 20, 2020 


Sent with peace and love,




6 thoughts on “LOST ATOMS

  1. Attar’s wise words are worth contemplating, and the glorious view you enjoy from your deck would be the ideal spot for meditation. Thank you for sharing both, Bruce. Peace.

  2. November 20 was the day that my mother’s atoms returned to the earth, ashes placed in the Columbarium of the church were I was married, where my father, sister, and husband are also buried. Thank you for this post that reminds me of the continuum. 🙂

    • Your welcome, Priscilla. The connections off all of us, one to the other (lost atoms or not) are truly amazing and wonderful. Your comment reminds me of the the epitaph on my mother’s gravestone…. also on my my mother-in-laws. LOVE IS ETERNAL.
      Also, kind thanks for sharing about these moments and connections you have with that special church and, with the continuum.

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