And I thought over again

My small adventures

As with a shore-wind I drifted out

In my kayak

And thought I was in danger,


My fears,

Those small ones

That I thought so big

For all the vital things

I had to get and reach.


Francis kayaking on Victoria Lake 2021-01-18 bruce witzel photo with best edit effects



And yet, there is only one thing

One great thing,

The only thing:

To live to see in huts and on journeys

The great day that dawns,

And the light that fills the world.


Inuit Song


Looking south on Victoria Lake 2021-01-18 bruce witzel photo


Images were recorded on January 18, 2021 near our home on Northern Vancouver Island. More photos of our morning kayak can be found at my wife’s blog here:


Cheers, as always





18 thoughts on “THE GREAT DAY THAT DAWNS

  1. The photos gave me ‘goosebumps’ – maybe it was the song? Maybe it was for a moment in time while I read, and viewed, I stepped from my world, into another – Thank you! I really needed that mini-vacation this morning!! 😀

    • Your welcome Tamrah… I think it can be good to detach for a moment as you describe, as a way for us to keep perspective and then help us re-connect to our own place and present moment. I really was moved by the way you described your reaction as a mini-vacation, Peace to you, and stay safe and be well.

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