The upside of down, a Zen reflection

Reflection on the lake Feb. 2018 - bruce witzel photo

The way up is the way down


peace, Bruce


5 thoughts on “The upside of down, a Zen reflection

    • Thanks. It was Febuary one year ago, so similar to many of the calm days we have here on the lake. Of course thejr is the flip side, as alluded to… yesterday it was rainy with gusting winds all day. It is amazing, how nature is like we ourselves, with so many faces… well, on the other hand, of course we are part of the earth. Good cheer to you Debra,

  1. Thank you, Bruce, for this. The reflection in the Zen contemplation is beautiful.
    I was pleased to see R. Rohr’s work included. I wasn’t surprised though, as you seem to me to be of like minds.
    I receive contemplations daily from C.A.C., and greatly appreciate Richard’s thoughts on faith and spirituality. So great to read the wisdom of someone who also has the courage to speak out about new reflections, interpretations, inclusions, and ways of embracing the truths of spirituality in ways not seen in the Canons. The columns invite fresh new thoughts and open doors to a fully alive way of living in faith and companionship with not just humans, but all creation and beings. Thank you for sharing this valuable work.

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