Holy Thursday Meditation – April 14, 2022

“The greatest temptations are not those that solicit our consent to obvious sin, but those that offer us great evils masking as the greatest goods.”

― Thomas Merton

Calligraphy drawing of the Atomic Bomb by Thomas Merton

Holy Thursday Meditation


Let’s the world break bread together – not BOMBS!

slides0017 peace parade - bruce witzel photo early 80's

An alternative world view – watercolour by b. thomas witzel, 1992

Rainbow Watercolour, 1992 - by bruce witzel

Peace and love for all,




4 thoughts on “Holy Thursday Meditation – April 14, 2022

  1. Bruce, the quote from Thomas Merton is so fitting for our times. We are facing an immense test of the human spirit to work together for the common good. Are we up to the task? Peace be with you, too ❤

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