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Matthews view of the lichen on the rock - photo by matthew keeley

“Lichen on the rock”

– photo by my son-in-law, Matthew.


Spiderweb - photo by Mac Witzel


– photo by my father, Mac, from decades ago



Metal art - photo by bruce witzel

“Metal art”

– photo by myself


Peace & Cheers


– Bruce –



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Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence.

Max Ehrmann


Downtown Portland, Oregon - Bruce Witzel photo 2b





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The Power of Water

bruce thomas witzel:

Here’s my wife and life partners recent post where she speaks about her novels and how thy relate to water. An added bonus are the photos of the lake and cabin we have lived at for many decades. Enjoy!




Originally posted on disappearinginplainsight:

A tree - Matthew Keeley - photo

A couple of months ago, I was featured on as part of a series entitled – Water Blogs. Linda invited authors to describe how bodies of water had influenced their writing. This feature is going on all summer so hop over to Linda’s blog and see how other authors respond to her questions. I’m pleased to share my answers with all of you, today.

What are my stories about?

Lives are shaped by the places in which they are lived. My novels are set in a rural landscape and they focus on the vagaries of human relationships. I write fiction to explore the many ways people deal with loss and the challenges of remaking their lives, to delve into the inevitable complications that come about when someone takes the risk of moving forward and to emphasize that rebuilding a life occurs in starts and stops.

My body of water …

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Echo, economy and ecology

bruce thomas witzel:

“If nature were a bank. they would have already bailed her out.” Thank you to Adrian Sanchez over on Hoxton Spanish Tutor. With his wonderful kin for language, he makes some powerful links. Corporations aren’t the only voice… we have a voice, and so does nature. Let us create an echo. I recommend this inspiring article.


Originally posted on Hoxton Spanish Tutor Info:

Eco, economía y ecología 

A Greek legend tells us that on mount Kithairon lived Echo, (Eco in Spanish), a very well spoken nymph. The most beautiful words came out of her mouth in the most pleasant manner. Zeus, the ruler of the ancient Olympian Greek pantheon, the God of the sky and thunder, used to be very flirtatious with the nymphs. Hera, Zeus’ wife, the Goddess of women, fertility and marriage was jealous of Zeus’ many affairs and was out to catch his infidelities.

Depending on the version of the narrative, either Hera caught Zeus wooing Echo; or Echo prevented Hera from catching Zeus flirting with the other Nymphs by distracting Hera with her famed eloquence. Either way, Hera’s jealousy lead her to curse Echo, taking away her eloquent speech; condemning Echo to repeat only the last word said by other people.

blue nudes 2

For many years, I did not realise that the repetitive…

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Thanks to Einstein, we now know that matter and energy are convertible forces.


Our garden wind sculpture - bruce witzel photo 

God’s hope for history seems to be that humanity will one day be able to recognize its dignity as the divine dwelling place, which it shares with the rest of creation.



I don’t know when it will happen or what it will look like to reach the tipping point.

Fr. Richard Rohr

 photo art by bruce witel - oilmultiplex152


cheers ~ Bruce


bruce thomas witzel:

Here’s a short post from author and journalist P.C. Zick, that hi-lights my wife Francis’ third novel of the the Crater Lake Series. Patricia has done a wonderful review including links of her past reviews and interviews with Fran. Together, they give a detailed overview of the Crater Lake Series. Thank you Patricia. Good luck with your recent move and downsizing. Keep up your good work on climate change awareness, gardening and ecology. Also, it’s Fran’s birthday today. The best gift a person could possibly give to her would be to delve into anyone of her 3 novels. Go for it. You won’t be disappointed! Happy birthday, Francis.

                                                                                               Fran, at the real Crater Lake.

Originally posted on P.C. Zick:

CDN (book antiqua) Front Cover 6x9 JPEG Final ProofChasing Down the Night  – Crater Lake Series, Book 3 by Francis Guenette

I’m not usually a reader of novels in a series. That changed when I fell in love with Francis Guenette’s Crater Lake setting and characters. Beginning with the first book in the series, Disappearing in Plain Sight, I settled in with Izzy and Liam, Beulah and Bethany, and all the others, becoming a part of their oddly matched family as much as the stragglers who visit them throughout the three novels.

The injured souls who come to the lake and the camp on Northern Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, arrive with low expectations, but desperate for some type of healing. In Chasing Down the Night, characters from the first two novels, such as Dylan and Lisa, still need to find some kind of resolution from their past, but the reader is also introduced to three new residents…

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Solar cold frame

cold frame is keeping the heat in - bruce witzel photo

It has been three  weeks since I’ve last posted and I haven’t had much of a chance to visit fellow bloggers. Being in the carpentry business can be hectic at times.

I have numerous jobs on the go…

Demolition material - bruce witzel photo


Fiveplex reno - bruce witel photo


Mitchell deck - bruce witzel photo


Blogging has been low on the totem pole.


Kwatsistah - North West Coast Vancouver Island - francis guenette photo


Still, I manage to be busy in the garden….


Greenhouse & shop in process - bruce witzel photo

The solar greenhouse and shop I’m building has slowed way down. But old window glass from a renovation found their way into into this solar cold frame that I built a month ago.


Glass lift off cold frame - bruce witzel photo

Thanks for the inspiration from Dan over on vegetablurb who gave me the idea back in April.  Meanwhile, I’m also collecting some double pane recycled windows for the new greenhouse and shop.


Recyled windows and 50 gallon drums waiting in the bush - bruce witzel photo


Proposed Solar Greenhouse and Shed - by b.witzel

It is now clear to me that the greenhouse is not going to be functional until the next growing season.


Greenhouse and shop nexr to garden arbors - bruce witzel photo


The cold frame will have to do for now…


New coldframe with greenhouse & shop under construction - bruce witzel photo


Solar powered cold frame, May 31-2015 -bruce witzel photo


Coldframe at sunset, May 31 - 2015


I leave you with the beauty of nature and the Bonnechere River in this photo taken by Francis near Ottawa, where she is currently visiting her son Doug.


Bonnechere River - francis guenette photo

Bonnechere means pretty one. Yes, indeed!


~ Cheers to all ~



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