CHANGE -The Dalai Lama and Canada’s Body Politic pre-empts Watts of Wind on Wednesday

“Some people see things as they are and ask why? I dream thing that never were and say why not?”

George Bernard Shaw, as paraphrased by            Robert F. Kennedy

This post is in deep anticipation of Canada’s upcoming federal election to be held October 19th, 2015.

Our current Conservative government led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, has promoted continual expansion of the Alberta’s Tarsands and oil & gas pipelines. If further developed they will be a major contributor to increasing greenhouse gas emissions, and hence world wide political and ecological instability. There are many sustainable ways to obtain and use energy with more jobs created per capita than the traditional and archaic energy sectors –  for a few examples, click SOLAR here, or in the right sidebar category cloud.

The Green Party currently has three Members of Parliament, and are hoping to increase this to a dozen, to  potentially hold the balance of power in a new Canadian minority parliament.

Colorless green ideas sleep furiously (no more)

Noam Chomsky (with Bruce – in brackets)



Wind charger – circa 1983

Watts of Wind on Wednesday is interrupted  by historic news from Canada

On May 14th,2013 the climatologist, Nobel peace prize co-recipient, and green party deputy leader Andrew Weaver, was elected to the BC Legislative Assembly. This is a first in Canadian provincial politics.




“If you have a green party, I want to join”

. . . Dalai Lama

 (click here for a u-tube link entitled Dalai Lama supports Greens – it starts slow, but his animated comment is at 2.22 )






Gonzales Hill 5 (2)

Andrew Weaver represents the Oak Bay area of Victoria.

Mt. Baker, in the USA, rises like a mirage in the background.


Weaver and May speaking with local constituents (photo –Google images)

Andrew Weaver has been active locally with numerous community boards, as a soccer coach, and as a professor at the University of Victoria. He is best known as a lead author for parts of the scientific work done on the IPPC (International Panel on Climate Change.)


Dr. Weaver has also published two popular science books on climate change:

Keeping Our Cool: Canada in a Warming World

Generation Us: The Challenge of Global Warming.



In 2011, the well known American born lawyer and grassroots activist Elizabeth May, was the first Green to be elected to Canada’s parliament at the national level.




Elizabeth May first ran in 1980 as a federal candidate for the “Small Party” when she was a 25 year old waitress in Nova Scotia. In 1986 Elizabeth became a senior policy advisor for the Ministry of Environment under the Progressive Conservative government. She was instrumental in negotiations of a US-Canadian agreement to address acid rain, and in the creation and international adoption of the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer, in 1989. She is currently a Canadian Member of Parliament and the leader of the Green Party of Canada.

(photo above – Google images)



The sunflower is the international symbol of the

Green Party.







Considering Canada and BC’s antiquated electoral system of first past the post and winner takes all, these are two phenomenal achievements for the Greens, for Canadians, and for humanity and the earth at large!










      Dr. Andrew Weaver – (photo source – Order of BC Awards)

click here for an in depth interview on Carol Crenna’s blog


“Let’s work together to ensure… energy policy that manages the transition to a low carbon economy and guarantees . . . a prosperous future for generations to come.”





  • Sustainability – consider the welfare of our descendants, for at least seven generations

  • Social Justice and Social Responsibility – personal, local, national, and global

  • Post Patriarchal Consciousness

  • Grassroots Democracy – increased public participation

  • Nonviolence – a call to arms is always the very very last choice

  • Decentralization – of political and economic power, and energy production

  • Diversity – biological, cultural, sexual, and spiritual

  • Sexual and Gender Equality

  • Ecological Wisdom – “Whatever we do to the earth, we do to ourselves.”


For more on a sustainable and peaceful earth, and green energy, see WOWW – Watts of Wind on Wednesday

~ Cheers ~



In response to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge “Change”

With updates, this was originally posted in May 2013.

GRIDS, PATTERNS, LATTICE’S . . . and . . . DOT by DOT by DOT

Architecture is the triumph of human imagination . . .

It is at least the geometric pattern of things, 

of life, of the human and social world.










It is at best that magic framework of reality that we sometimes touch upon when we use the word ‘order’.


Frank Lloyd Wright

Click for a collection of his geometric patterns



This past week I finished some construction details around our rebuilt kitchen deck. The grid and patterns are evident in so many ways – the cedar shakes, the green roofing, the decking itself, the wooden vent, and even the fan shaped fern in the square planter. What other patterns do you see?




Of course there is the lattice work itself!


Our neighbour Noel, hand crafted the cheerful tiled and mirrored mosaic.





The colour of dark pink was inspired by Emma, my lovely grand child. We recycled the paint from her dormer bedroom. She says she prefers light pink, but that was out of the question.



If you would like a taste of Emma’s spunk, click here to go to my wife Francis’ hilarious post – Emma does Michelangelo. This little 4 year old gives an amazing impromptu lecture about famous painters, including George Seurat’s painting technique known as pointillism . . .

(a pattern in and of itself )

dot by dot by dot  . . .

Photo credits on this post go to Francis (except for the Emma portrait)

I was busy cleaning up the tools.     Confused smile 

Cheers . . . Bruce


This was originally posted April 2013 and recycled for this weeks photo challenge, Grid.




Here is our solar home.

The solar array perched below stores electricity in a large battery bank for night time usage.


A unique pesrspective of the cabin - Bruce Witzel photo


  Bruce & Fran's place - Darrel McIntosh photo

                                                               photo by Darrel McIntonish, Fine Art America


Windows face towards the sun – south west and south east.

This provides free energy for many days of the year.


Bruce & Fran's cabin from the front yard - B. Witzel photo



Bruce & Fran's place - B. Witzel photo



  The large solar tank by the staircase heats water for washing and bathing.


Cabin's solar array and solar hot water system - Bruce Witzel photo



Bruce & Fran's place (1280x853) -Darrel McIntosh  photo

photo by Darrel McIntosh


Bruce & Fran's in early spring - B. Witzel photo


The north side has fewer and smaller windows…

,From behind the arbour, Bruce and Fran's place - Bruce Witzel photo


When it is raining and cloudy or on the coldest winter days, firewood is used as a backup fuel.

From the drive way and splitting firewood - Francis Guenette photo



Solar powered cabin in winter - Bruce Witel photo



Bruce's and Fran's cabin in winter - B. Witzel photo


  The old wind turbine…

The old days with the wind generator - B.Witzel photo


Izzy’s front deck in a winter snow.

 Front deck in winter - B. Witzel photo


And a starry night….

Bruce and Fran's, under the stars - B. Witzel photo

“We need to bring sustainable energy to every corner of the globe with technologies like mini grids, solar powered lights, and wind turbines.” – Ban Ki Moon



~ Bruce ~



Posted for the Weekly Photo Challenge – from every angle

CLOSEUP (family trio)

Matthews view of the lichen on the rock - photo by matthew keeley

“Lichen on the rock”

– photo by my son-in-law, Matthew.


Spiderweb - photo by Mac Witzel


– photo by my father, Mac, from decades ago



Metal art - photo by bruce witzel

“Metal art”

– photo by myself


Peace & Cheers


– Bruce –



posted for Closeup WPC



Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence.

Max Ehrmann


Downtown Portland, Oregon - Bruce Witzel photo 2b





Posted for the weekly photo challenge (half and half)


~ Cheers ~



The Power of Water

bruce thomas witzel:

Here’s my wife and life partners recent post where she speaks about her novels and how thy relate to water. An added bonus are the photos of the lake and cabin we have lived at for many decades. Enjoy!




Originally posted on disappearinginplainsight:

A tree - Matthew Keeley - photo

A couple of months ago, I was featured on as part of a series entitled – Water Blogs. Linda invited authors to describe how bodies of water had influenced their writing. This feature is going on all summer so hop over to Linda’s blog and see how other authors respond to her questions. I’m pleased to share my answers with all of you, today.

What are my stories about?

Lives are shaped by the places in which they are lived. My novels are set in a rural landscape and they focus on the vagaries of human relationships. I write fiction to explore the many ways people deal with loss and the challenges of remaking their lives, to delve into the inevitable complications that come about when someone takes the risk of moving forward and to emphasize that rebuilding a life occurs in starts and stops.

My body of water …

View original 471 more words

Echo, economy and ecology

bruce thomas witzel:

“If nature were a bank. they would have already bailed her out.” Thank you to Adrian Sanchez over on Hoxton Spanish Tutor. With his wonderful kin for language, he makes some powerful links. Corporations aren’t the only voice… we have a voice, and so does nature. Let us create an echo. I recommend this inspiring article.


Originally posted on Hoxton Spanish Tutor Info:

Eco, economía y ecología 

A Greek legend tells us that on mount Kithairon lived Echo, (Eco in Spanish), a very well spoken nymph. The most beautiful words came out of her mouth in the most pleasant manner. Zeus, the ruler of the ancient Olympian Greek pantheon, the God of the sky and thunder, used to be very flirtatious with the nymphs. Hera, Zeus’ wife, the Goddess of women, fertility and marriage was jealous of Zeus’ many affairs and was out to catch his infidelities.

Depending on the version of the narrative, either Hera caught Zeus wooing Echo; or Echo prevented Hera from catching Zeus flirting with the other Nymphs by distracting Hera with her famed eloquence. Either way, Hera’s jealousy lead her to curse Echo, taking away her eloquent speech; condemning Echo to repeat only the last word said by other people.

blue nudes 2

For many years, I did not realise that the repetitive…

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