“ . . . one of Wright’s most poetic and beautiful residential designs. I continue to be moved by its unique and intrinsic beauty and marvel that the man who remains undisputed as America’s greatest architect, in his 86th year, found his muse on a knob in southwestern Pennsylvania . . .” Gerald Lee Morosco


“It is the nature of any organic building to grow from its site, come out of the ground into the light – the ground itself always as a component basic part of the building itself.” Frank Lloyd Wright – The Natural House 1954


Photo credit unknown



Organic commandment cropped


kentucky knob.watercolour

“. . . and then we have the primarily new ideal of building as organic. A building as dignified as a tree in the midst of nature.” FLW

Fran and I take particular joy in Wrights designs.  Kentuck Knob was built in 1954, on a hexagonal pattern and it contains 58 corners.  I’m glad I’m not the journey carpenter on this one!    The photos were stylized to look like  paintings using the photo studio edit program.  I’m looking forward to many more posts on FLW.   And coming soon I have a twist on Solar Architecture.        Cheers Bruce



  1. Thank you for sharing this, his work was amazing, a true master of his art.
    I love the quotes and this part “come out of the ground into the light”
    I hope I can go to his houses one day

    • Your welcome Doris. There are many of his creations throughout the U.S., and a few of them are free public buildings like the Marin County Civic Center just north of San Francisco. There is also the interior of an art gallery he designed in downtown San Francisco – the Xanadu Gallery. You’d like that for sure!

  2. I have never seen photographs altered to look like paintings before; it is fabulous! I have a brand new fancy camera I acquired over the summer and I haven’t made the time to get lessons (or even turn it on, for that matter). I have a feeling your blog is going to inspire me to do so! Thanks for the great post.

    • The average mass produced modern day dwelling is a sad commentary of the consumer societies we live in. Wright has inspired countless people in how art, creativity and special space is a balm to the human soul. Thanks for your comment Niki. I hope your day is a good one.

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    • Ah . . . talieson east in wisconsin. . . another wright masterpiece. And where the fellowhip began – sounds like lord of the rings 🙂 I hope to share a few photos from spring green in the future. I’m also looking foward to checkin out your blog. Thanks for visiting. Peace

  5. very good pictures, of wonderful architecture, with fantastic underlying principles. Great post Bruce, and thank you too for visiting and subscribing to my blog, I’m delighted. Talk again some time I’m sure. Regards from Ireland- Arran.

    • Thanks for the kudos . . . I really was enjoying your photos and dialogue of the buildings around Dublin and Argentina . . . makes me want to come see for myself! Looking foward to following your journey . . . regards from Canada – Bruce

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