Eerie: Anti-war Art and Two Men Blind

Eerie definitions: Inspiring dread, frightening, unearthly, sinister. For me, conjuring up images of war.

Many of the following photographs are of artwork or exhibits taken at numerous museums and art galleries. Unfortunately in most cases I did not record the name of the original artists. It is my sincere hope these people would understand my spirited and peaceful intent in sharing their incredible work.


Golda Meir quote, Glenbow Museum, Calgary Alberta



Art from University of Arizona @ Tucson    Photo of a photo, Glenbow Museum, Calgary Alberta



Poster in Toronto gallery


I wrote the following poem during the first Gulf war, which began on Feb. 26th 1991 when Iraq invaded Kuwait. The USA, led by George H.W. Bush Sr., counter-attacked Iraq on January 16th, 1992. 

By March 3rd, 1992 a cease fire was formalized and the war had ended, leaving many people dead as well as a devastated landscape with oil burning and freely flowing into the Gulf of Persia.




Earth is inflamed

And children are maimed

Slave soldiers are burned

Our mother’s concerned.

War futility is sad

Mutually Assured Destruction

It’s MAD

Two men’s’ ego-senility gone bad.


George may awake

To reality one day

Will it take nukes

Over Chesapeake Bay?


As for Saddam to deny

Destruction of oil blob-black sky;

Maybe he thinks he’s president of Exxon?


Those that live by the weapon

Die by that sword

Of arms merchant lords

Who afford no accord.

Third man Mahatma does well to our minds

Eye for an eye

Only leaves two men blind!


b. thomas witzel



Mahatama Gandhi Quotations - unknown




Heard Museum Art  Mural



Anti war artwork - University of Arizona @ Tucson



Los Alamos National Museum of Nuclear Science and History



Rodin Sculpture Graden, Stanford University in California



Old enemy, New victim - by Tony Matelli




Heard Museum Art  Mural, Phoenix Arizona



Homeland Security poster



Statue entitled American Bull - Custer City South Dakota

Peace to all – Bruce


Mama, put my guns in the ground, I can’t shoot them anymore.

That long black cloud is comin’ down, I feel like I’m knockin’ on heaven’s door.

Bob Dylan



This post is in response to the weekly photo challenge – Eerie

Greetings from Canada . . .


Canadian Broadcasting Corporation foyer in Toronto


9 thoughts on “Eerie: Anti-war Art and Two Men Blind

    • Thanks Tina

      Working with photographs and writing poetry, as well as being able to share this with other people like yourself, means a lot to me. Thank you for your appreciation.

      You’re own photography and writing is superb and much appreciated as well.

  1. Thanks for the offer Roy. Fran mailed a copy of her novel to a friend in Scotland and the the cost of the postage was more than the cost of the book!

    In all honesty, I misled you a bit about wrestling the kindle from Fran. The truth is, up until recently I have said to Fran I wouldn’t read on a kindle. Now I’ve wavered and I’m going to give it a try, after I finish the current novel I’m reading – Why Men Lie by Linden McIntyre (no joke, believe it or not). 😉

    I look forward to reading your ‘Tess’ novel – probably around christmas holidays.

    Best regards to a fellow islander.

    • Thank you for your comment and reblogging this post sachemspeaks. Peace and best regards to you on this on this remberence day – especially for all who have suffered the horror of violence and war.

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