Photographic Journey

A couple of weeks ago I rebogged my wife’s post “It’s Impossible to Bring a Photographer to Sanity”. This is the sequel. Francis and I were on a holiday in California and I hadn’t started my own blog. Most of the photos were taken near the Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains and down into Death Valley, except for a few from Pasadena. Los Angeles. In the post I give brief commentaries with a few tips and techniques. My thanks go to “Endless Frame” for requesting this reblog – Endless does excellent photo blog stories, usually from South Korea or Japan. He’ll laugh when he sees the 10 (or 12) photos turned into 16. My personal favourite is “The Boy with the Fish.” Please, check out this photo series. I guarantee you’ll enjoy it. Peace to everyone – Bruce


As promised – here is my photographer husband’s guest post. It’s about time he received some recognition on this blog – most of the pictures I have used since I started the blog (at least the good ones) are courtesy of his skill and photographic expertise. So – I’ll turn this space over to Bruce.

Come on a brief journey with me – glimpses and explanations of the processes and thoughts, behind one of my favourite hobbies and creative outlets – ‘capturing’ images in time.

I use a zoom lens with a focal length 18mm – 200mm which allows me to compose photos quickly. Photographing people I’m able to stand further away and zoom in, making a more natural atmosphere. “Up close and personal,” produces candid shots – as people become hyper-aware of the camera it changes their reality; they either ham it up, or clam-up.

A family in the…

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