Greg Rickford? Really?

Canada’s Experimental Lakes Area is under threat of closure, along with ‘watered down’ environmental regulations. This is a reblog of one Canadian scientists report on the situation; for more background, it is best read in conjunction with my previous post on the weekly photo challenge: Fresh . . . Is the water.
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The Toronto Star published a well-written commentary by a number of scientists a few days ago lamenting Greg Rickford’s appointment as Minister of State for Science and Technology. Go give it a read if you have a few moments- I think it raises some genuine concerns regarding how Rickford will handle the file given his recent flip-flop track record with the Experimental Lakes Area (see how one man goes from this viewpoint, to this, in just one budget announcement).

Similar concerns regarding Rickford’s ability to function well as a minister of this file have been voiced by MPs in adjacent ridings, and there’s a great blogpost by Alison at Creekside that takes a good look at Rickford’s track record not just with ELA but with his most recent portfolio in Aboriginal and Northern Affairs. Even Nature blogged about it.

With the move, the FEDNOR file also moves…

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