The Golden Hour & Barrelling down the highway

“The road we have long been traveling is deceptively easy, a smooth superhighway on which we progress with great speed, but at its end lies disaster.” Rachel Carson


Following on recent themes of my posts including 1) small cars 2) solar power 3) energy efficient design  & 4) wind power, I pray we choose these wiser paths. We can avert the Golden Hour of Humanity and  save ourselves, and many of the earth’s natural species. 

Inspired by this weeks photo challenge: SHARE A PICTURE TAKEN DURING THE GOLDEN HOUR.

   Peace to all – Bruce

18 thoughts on “The Golden Hour & Barrelling down the highway

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  2. Beautiful sunset………and great theme. I like the way the sky seems to have layers, and then the mountains are layered into the distance. Very nice composition and color.

    • I replied a few days ago, but only noticed now that it didn’t upload. Can’t remember what I said.???

      In terms of compositon, the truck came fast so I cropped the photo in post edit. And I saturated the colour a bit, which I found always is important to add intensity. Occasionaly (sp) I desaturate colours to create a feeling of somberness, or maybe to give a photo a sense of a bygone era.

      Thank you for noticing and commenting on the details, as I too looked again at the photo, closer.

  3. Having the same concern myself, Bruce. It’s a beautiful planet! Would discerning people pump millions of gallons of toxic water into the earth, cracking and fracking into known earthquake faults and underground drinking water aquafers? Lets pray for wisdom.

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    • Thanks. Yes, the lights and the moving vehicle helps the photo, adding context and motion. I appreciate your feedback, and I am glad you liked it. Your own photos of the pyramids and Egypt are fantastic. Peace to you. Bruce

    • Thanks. I aprreciated your stopping by. I’m sorry to hear about all the rain in Georgia, but glad that where you are at there was no major flooding. Here in Canada, in the Calagary area they have not been so lucky, with an estimated 3 to 5 billion in flood damage.

      I enjoyed the rain cartoon on your post today. A good chuckle always helps.

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    • Thanks Jean. I loved your Taj Mahal photo – you truly caught “the golden hour”. I stretched it out into the “sunset”, and I realized my mistake only after I posted. Peace and safe travels . . . Bruce

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