It’s Impossible to Bring a Photographer to Sanity

This post links well to this weeks Photo Challenge: The golden hour. You get my wife’s take on photographers – the inside story, so to speak. it is best read along with my 2 previous posts 1). The golden hour – barrelling down the highway, and 2) The golden hour – take 2 & 3 & 4 . . . Cheers to all – Bruce


I’m trying to get your attention with this title but like most attention-getting stunts, a grain of substance exists. Photographers can get crazy when it comes to getting the right shot. When travelling in a motor vehicle with a photographer, this can mean steeling yourself for unexpected U-turns on both deserted and busy streets, sudden jolting stops and a seemingly endless amount of gazing around in all directions except the one you would expect the driver to be looking in. Due to scary experiences in the past, my photographer partner has made a solemn oath that he will never again try to get a shot while driving! To the more cautious people out there this might seem like a given but let me tell you about something I witnessed the other day while standing at a pull out on the winding road of the Tioga Pass in Yosemite National Park. A…

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