The Golden Hour (take 2 & 3 & 4 . . . )

Forgive me fellow bloggers. My first Golden hour post, “barrelling down the highway”, was done in a hurry (usually I ruminate for a few days). I’m certain many of you noticed the error – the photo challenge clearly explains that  “in photography, the golden hour is the first and last hour of sunlight of the day.”

Although the sunset photo I choose was “Golden”, the silhouetted mountains show the sun had clearly “disappeared in plain sight” (to make a pun for my regular readers). So here’s a series of “truer” golden hour photos. Albeit, truth isn’t always black and white, is it?

For an added bonus I’ve re-blogged and linked to my wife’s pointed and hilarious post, It’s Impossible to Bring a Photographer to Sanity.  It was written October 31, 2102  while on vacation in California, after a 4.30 AM morning to catch  – you guessed it  – that golden hour.

So – without further adieu – the golden hour ( take 2 & 3 & 4 . . . )


Southwest USA


Arches National Park USA




Wapatiki National Monument, Arizona USA



Grand canyon  golden hour



Pacific West Coast of Canada


Waves, rocks, mtns  - Grants Bay North Vancouver Island



A sunset  taken slightly after the “golden hour’”  – stylized photo-art version


Winter Harbour sunset photo art


Speaking of this special colour, lets not forget “The Golden Rule”, common to at least 12 religious traditions.


The Christian version from the gospel of Luke is this:

“In everything do to others as you would have them do onto you . . .”


Peace to all – Bruce

9 thoughts on “The Golden Hour (take 2 & 3 & 4 . . . )

  1. These pictures are absolutely gorgeous!!!! And the last one looks like a painting! What kind of software did you use for it? I’d love to try it because I’ve seen a few other photographers do it and it’s beautiful. There is a software program on the internet called Psykopaint that can make photos look like paintings, too.

    • It was ArcSoft camera suite – photo sudio 5.5. Then I went to effects, and choose oil painting. To me it looks more like a watercolour effect, but definetely it was the oil paint feature. I did another post entitled Streams – Photoart 101 – part 2 – I really liked a particular photo but it was slightly out of focus – to salvage it, I used the oil paint effect – I think it really worked.

      • I’ve never heard of ArcSoft. I’m going look it up. In my graphic design classes, we usually used Photoshop and other Adobe software. They never taught us anything else, unfortunately.

        Is ArcSoft used a lot?

    • Hi Darla. It was ArcSoft camera suite – photo sudio 5.5. Then I went to effects, and choose oil painting. To me it looks more like a watercolour effect, but definetely it was the oil paint feature – I just checked.

      • It’s a lovely look. My old version of Photoshop (CS3) has every paint effect but oil, unfortunately, but I still have fun with it. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos. I’m learning a lot from you and others.

  2. Bruce, these are gorgeous! Thanks for the refresher on the Golden Hour. Guess I thought that anything bathed in soft light is Golden. hahaha. So my contribution w/ Mow the Longhorn was just after the sun dropped. (whooops!) Ah well. I do love this series – especially the beach shot; and the one with the round tower. Very lovely!

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