From Above – A city and a mountain

With a quote from William Blake –


Great things are done when men and mountains meet.


IMG_0177 (3)


This is not done by jostling in the street.






1. The mountain photo was taken somewhere over the Cascade Range near the pacific north west coast of North America.

2.  The city photo is of Toronto, Canada. The sky dome sports centre is clearly visible, and to its left is the iconic CN Tower, the tallest free standing structure in the western hemisphere. In the background is Lake Ontario, one of 4 great lakes bordering Canada and the USA. The 5th is Lake Michigan, located entirely within the USA.


Here is a link back to the Weekly Photo challenge: From above.

20 thoughts on “From Above – A city and a mountain

  1. Yes well, The CN tower looks pretty small from that height. I like the saying about the mountain and the picture, again from a dizzying height. I’m here because of something you said about true on another blog, and as it turns out, I like photography too, so I’m in. Hi! My name is Darrell… Good set-up here too! Cheers Bruce :O)

    • Thanks for dropping by – was the comment I made over at Jeff N’s – decontructing myths? I think the saying was “certain truths are best expressed in fiction.” Right? Anyways, I’m pleased you are following and like my posts. keep dropping in and commenting. Sometimes I get busy with my carpentry business, and i’m unable to comment or fro a few days or more. And then sometimes peoples comments slip through the cracks.

      To switch it over to your blog, you have incredible expertise about blogging, computers in general, and (argh) hackers & malware and other ugly stuff!! Invaluable knowledge really. And some your useful links and resources too! I certainly hope to tap in to some of that wisdom of yours, OK?

      Thanks again, Darrell, & best regards. Bruce

      • Wisdom comes from experience. Experience comes from enthusiasm. Enthusiasm comes from confidence, and confidence from experience. So we have traveled full circle.

        “certain truths are best expressed in fiction.” Yeah, I laughed at that one. Just think what this world would be like without dipomacy; we wouldn’t be here me thinks…

        I’m spending to much time thinking of solutions for all the CRAP that goes on around here. Thought never did do much of anything but sit around and think all day… I like to go with my gut instinct. It’s usually right. You seem like the same type.

  2. now that is a super mountain photograph! i learned something new here about the tallest free standing structure in western hemisphere. ☺ thanks!

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