Frater Charles Brandt is seriously ill in hospital with pneumonia, so please, remember him in your thoughts and prayers.


A few weeks ago Fr. Charles was honoured to receive the Nature Inspiration 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Canadian Museum of Nature. Charles worked for nearly 30 years in galvanizing a campaign that eventually helped restore the salmon population in Tsolum River. In 2000 it had been declared dead the Canadian Governments Department of Fisheries and Oceans due to toxic mine pollution and poor logging practices.


lifetime achiement award - Screen Shot 2020-09-19 at 10.09.30 AM

Fr. Charles want us to care, to contemplate as well as pray

for the earth, and for each another. 


With peace and love, Bruce


(photo below is by Charles Brandt 2007 – Antelope Canyon, Navajo Nation)

Antelope Canyon, Page Arizona - July 2007 by Charles A.E.Brandt


~ ~ ~ ~


    • Yes Lynn – it felt like the perfect photo of his for this moment. Just 3 weeks I ago I saw and was with him for awhile on his deck (with complete covid protocals) and he seemed he was in relatively good health and good spirit. He was quite at peace. Charles is prepared to meet his maker… though I hope and pray he gets better and is able to return to his hermitage. Heh… I’ve really being enjoying singing and playing piano tunes lately… in my simple home made chording fashion. I regret not being more of a diligent student of yours.

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