Many people who carry the COVID 19 virus have no symptoms – but they are still spreading it.


This 10 sec. graphic first shows the exponential growth rate of the virus. Then it shows a slowed pattern of growth created by our social distancing and our working or staying at home.




This discipline is crucial for our success in defeating these microbes, along with simple 20 second hand washing.



A beautiful rainbow powered garden - Powell River, BC - photo by Bruce Witzel


Cheers to all, Bruce


8 thoughts on “SLOW DOWN THE VIRUS – HOW TO

  1. Simple strategies with profound results! We are all affecting one another with our individual decisions. As Rosaliene said, ‘Such is the power of One. ‘🙏🏻💚

    • Thanks you Debra. And to you.

      This crises is unfolding so terribly. Amidst the sadness, suffering and uncertainty I’m so grateful for the beauty around us. Also the first line people who help keep our support systems going.

  2. Bruce, the graphic of the spread of the coronavirus speaks volumes about the way one individual can unknowingly adversely change the lives of thousands of strangers. SUCH IS THE POWER OF ONE.

    Let no one say, “I am powerless to bring about change.”

    • Yes Rosaliene … change will come from our individual actions. I love your expression – SUCH IS THE POWER OR ONE.

      It’s sobering to think how I could unwittingly spread this new coronavirus and cause death to so many people. In knowing this, my day to day decisions do affect change (for better or for worse).

      Currently, I have stopped working away from my home or even leaving our home. it’s day 23 now. I know this is an immense privilege and many people do not have this choice as a possibility. Though many of us can minimize our interactions, and practice physical distancing, etc…

      On the other hand the fact that so many people don’t have access to clean running water drives home how insanely unjust and random our lives and the world has become. Crazy that it’s taking these tiny microbes to tell us that.

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