And I thought over again

                                                                 my small adventures

                                                                 As with a shore-wind I drifted out

                                                                 In my kayak

                                                                 And thought I was in danger,


                                                                                   My fears,

                                                                                   Those small ones

                                                                                   That I thought so big

                                                                                   For all the vital things

                                                                                   I had to get and reach


                                                                 And yet, there is only

                                                                 One great thing,

                                                                 The only thing:

                                                                 To live and see in huts and on journeys

                                                                 The great day that dawns,

                                                                 And the light that fills the world.


                                                                              Inuit Song


Lake view morning 2020-03-04 bruce witzel photo

Lake view from this morning, March 3–2020 (click for better view)




~ Bruce ~


3 thoughts on “GREAT DAY THAT DAWNS

    • Yes, my friend. Rosaliene… lucky us. The weather has turned to sleet to day (snow mixed with rain).
      Good luck in choosing a new candidate for president. in Canada we care and are watching closely. Peace.

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