God is All . . . In All.


A reminder from Thomas Merton


Merton laughing! photographer unknown


Let me seek, then, the gift of silence, and poverty, and solitude,

where everything I touch is turned into prayer . . .



where the sky is my prayer . . .


Dawn on Georgia Strait 2013-11-09 bruce witzel photo 


the birds are my prayer . . .


Near the mighty Fraser River 2012-06-08 bruce witzel photo 



Next to the Fraser River 2012-06-08 bruce witzel photo



the wind in the trees is my prayer . . .

 Big trees California 2010-05-21 bruce witzel photo


For God is all

in all.




colour photos by Bruce


                                                  1. sun and clouds over the Salish Sea

                                                  2. birdlife along the Fraser River

3. giant sequoias of the California Forest



11 thoughts on “God is All . . . In All.

      • We are working on real time. I hit the send button by accident while writing about Frankl and logotherapy. I just wanted to say I’m writing a blog about “Man’s Search for Meaning,” and related thoughts. Planning to give you credit for reminding me of the book and prompting me to re-read it. It seems especially pertinent today, what with the seeming loss of meaning in current affairs.

        Regarding your latest post tonight, I have to say I live a life in Thomas Merton’s spirit, living as close to nature as possible, a material minimalist, because nature is free, wastes nothing, and is infinitely varied. Humanland just doesn’t compare.

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