Didn’t sleep well last night… deep contemplation on how to proceed? Awakened…. If I am a silent witness to violence I too am a perpetrator… read this from Jane Urguhart’s, Sanctuary Line. 


How frail each life is. We mow a meadow and kill a thousand butterflies. The racket of the mower, the sound of a fist hitting flesh, an American bomb striking a Middle Eastern city – perhaps in the way of these things the only difference among them is that of scale. We keep on walking toward clamour and then cannot accept what that clamour show us. What did I do, after all, what did any of us do to interrupt the chain of events that led to catastrophe? … It is this lack of life’s energy at one pivotal moment that can in the end provoke tragedy… (not bringing ourselves to say the word stop.)


Not feeling much cheer today ~ Bruce


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6 thoughts on “STOP!

  1. I sometimes think there are quite literally millions and millions of us feeling much the same and if only we could effectively join our strengths. I’m feeling a tremendous sense of loss right now, and not sure where that might lead. If anywhere. Blessings to you in your pondering, Bruce. I feel you do make a difference in reminding us to avoid complacency. Blessings in your silence and in waiting.

    • Thanks for helping me remember Debra, that there are many many people who are not complacent at all in the face of the violence and chaos we see around us. There is a concsiousness that may seem invisible at times though Iit is real none-the-less. It seems the terror around Iran has subsided a bit, though it is heartbreaking for us Canadians who have lost 63 citizens… actually, heartbreakong for every single senseless loss of lfe.

    • There is comfort in knowing I’m not alone in my bewilderment and grief at such violence and the suffering it brings. And onlu a a tiny portion compared to those who are affected most directly. Of course we know Deb, that what affects one directly, affects us all indirectly (MLK). Let’s take care.

  2. I’ve not been feeling much cheer for a long time now, Bruce.
    “Stop,” I shout at the heavens. “Let me off this war crazy planet.” To no avail.
    So here we humans all are, trapped together on Spaceship Earth, perpetrators and victims of our own self-destruction.
    Let peace begin with me.

    • Yes Rosaliene. Ultimately, the only thing I’m really in charge of is myself. The grief passes though much suffering continues for far too many. I must move forward,even if there is no rose coloured glasses to see through. Take care dear friend.

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