Peace on Earth – Goodwill to all



Our Christmas tree 2019 - francis guenette photo



Britney as an angel - Christmas play 2015 - bruce witzel photo




Cabin on Christmas morning 2017 (darker version) - bruce witzel photo



Christmas angel -  bruce witzel photo



Cabin sunset 2019-02-16 - bruce witzel photo



Glass Christmas Ornament with backlit, Dec. 23-2017 - bruce witzel photo




Victoria Lake 2013-03-13 bruce witzel photo




Christmas Greeting from Victoria Lake - bruce witzel photo



Merry Christmas – Bruce

5 thoughts on “Peace on Earth – Goodwill to all

  1. Gorgeous photos, Bruce, and especially that darling little angel! 🙂 Thank you for always sharing messages of peace and good will. I’d like to carry that message forward into the new year. Wishing you and Francis a very healthy and blessed new year.

    • Thank so kindly for the good wishes Debra. We are searching and working diligently in the endeavour. As witness to parts of your own journey, I’m certain you agree it is not easy. For me (and Fran) it is the only way for us to move forward and make sense of things.

      In regards to our lovely grand daughter Brit – the angel – Francis and I chuckle a bit about the photo. Brit is a special breed of angel. She is a determined girl, some would say strong willed. A born leader, if you get the drift. Not a traditional sort but an angel, none-the-less. Just what the world needs.

      Sending you and yours the same message of strong health and blessings, Bruce

      • Your granddaughter sounds delightful! And I couldn’t agree more that her determined attitude is exactly what we need to make this world more hospitable to all. Ii often chuckle at my own granddaughters and the way they think. This younger generation is our hope, I think! Blessings to you and Fran.

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