Roderick Haig Brown – A Call to Canadians on October 21


If you are Canadian, please vote this Monday in our federal election. And as you do so, consider this thought given to us years ago from the well known British Columbian and Campbell River author and magistrate. For we live in a critical moment.


                  It seems clear beyond possibility of argument that any

                        generation of (people) can have only a lease, not ownership,

                        of the earth; and that one essential term of the lease is

                        that the earth be handed on to the next generation with

                        unimpaired potentialities. This is the conservationist’s concern.  


                                                Roderick Haig-Brown,

                                                                   Measure of the Year 1950



Also, consider and enjoy the beauty and care of our natural world as witnessed by local Northern Vancouver Island wilderness photographer, Darrell McIntosh.


2 for Telegraph

“View across Johnstone Strait to the BC Mainland from Telegraph Cove.”



IMG_5367 (7)
























                                                                                                   “Tree top Regal Eagle”



IMG_2965 (2)

“North Island Sea Otters are masters of relaxation.”



IMG_9349 (5) 8x10

‘Whiskers’ the Humpback Whale and her calf ‘Poseidon’ return to Neuroutsos Inlet.



4 for Telegraph

“Gooding Cove Tidal Pool”



Port Alice 066 (1280x854)

“Rugged beauty of the North Island”




“North Island Black Bear checking under the rocks for treats at the beach.”




Port Alice 009 XXXXX (1280x853)

“North Island Summer Sunset – Neuroutsos Inlet at Port Alice.”




Bruce & Fran's place (1280x853) -Darrel McIntosh  photo

“Incredible beauty of Victoria Lake”



All photography is courtesy of Darrell McIntosh. Good cheers & remember to vote.




8 thoughts on “Roderick Haig Brown – A Call to Canadians on October 21

    • Thanks Debra…. too bad you couldn’t vote. I’ll try to update more on our federal election later, though I’ll give you a couple tidbits.

      My 12 year old Albertan granddaughter Emma cast her vote in Canada Studens Votes Election. It was put in the week prior to the official election on made to look like a real election with the helpof Elections Canada, the official electoral office. The students did class studies on democracy and then on different Canadian parties and what they stand for. About 8000 schools and over 1 Million youngsters participated and voted.

      The adults in Emma’s oil rich Alberta voted 70% Conservative in the official election…. quite predictable for Canadian politics. However, in her school election the Conservative candidate (they were the same one the adults voted for) only got 49% of the vote. You can still see that there would have been lot of peer pressure on how and who to vote for. However for Emma, she told her mom “when I got into the voters booth I panicked and then voted Green.” I am so proud of Emma!

      By the way…. on the results of Canada’s election which you likely have already heard about… The Liberal government under Justin Trudeau was re-elected, but with a minority. In the parliamentary system this means they will need to negotiate with other parties to stay in power. It gives a lot less power to them. Hence smaller more like minded parties will have more influence. For example us Greens elected 3 MPs, and along with the the 25 Social Democrats will work to push for more action against the Climate Emergency. And Canada’s Carbon pollution Tax will remain. In the past it is minority governments in Canada which have passed our greatest programs like Universal Health Care and the Canada Pension Plan, etc.

      Glad you liked Darrel’s photos. Stay well Debra.

    • My friend Darrell is indeed a superb wildlife photographer… he really has a lot of patience. In regards to conservation I concur with you … on the other hand, imagine how worse it would be without the hard work of Land Trust groups and so many other conservation organizations, etc…. It is a nail biter of an election, for certain.

    • Thanks Cindy. The first photo of the West Coast mountains across from Telegraph cove would be almost the exact location you travelled to when you went there on your wilderness Grizzly bear tour a few years ago.

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