A lot of variety in this post… all in four parts. To see a solar heated dollhouse (a model home) or the beauty of Alice Lake Provincial Park or Sheep River, read on. And if you are a Canadian citizen 18 years or older please consider voting Green in the upcoming Federal Election.


For you younger people, please keep raising consciousness of the Climate Crisis. Solutions are here and now. Further down are a few photos of your peers from the recent Climate Justice March. And then some links to the work and studies of Professor Mark Z.Jacobson of Stanford on how we can make the transition.

Lets all move forward together and BE the CHANGE…


Fawn lake in Alice Lake BC Provincial Park Sept 26-2019 - bruce witzel photo



Green River  2b near Squamish BC Sep 26-2019 - bruce witzel photo




To begin with, the North Island- Powell River Greens have been very active in Canada’s current federal election.  Our canidate Mark de Bruijn is a retired biologist and teacher.

You can read his official bio here.


Mark is pictured on the right below, along with myself and his partner Carol when he travelled to the Northern Vancouver Island in June to meet the local people of our rural communities.


Bruce with our canidate Mark de Brujin and his partner Carol Thatcher, June 23-2019 - mark tapper photo


“What are the things or issues that concern you,” Mark asks people he speaks with. A great link and interview with Mark de Bruijn can be found at the Cortes Island Currents.  The article also lays out the basic 6 principles of the Green Party.

Mark’s supporters believe he would be the best representative for our constituency. He is a good listener and has a solid scientific background. Mark is also soft spoken with a firm resolve.


Below is a screen capture of the Cortes Currents article by Roy Hales published on September 27.  The quote at bottom is from Mark de Bruijn.


Cortes Current atricle screen capture 2


People from many walks of of life have stepped up to assist in our Campaign for a Greener World.

During the local fall fair on September 7 and 8 we had a well attended booth. Pictured below with myself is long time Peace and Climate Justice Activist Jack Anderson. Our Green Party booth won second prize in the non commercial category.

We’ve got hard work to do over the next 9 days. We know in Canada’s current “first past the post” electoral system that 2nd place won’t get a  Green representative to our nations capital, Ottawa. By the way – Canada has 338 MP’s – Members of Parliament.


The green party booth at Regional Fall Fair Port McNeill, Sept 7-8 - Mary Ann Lammersen


2nd prize is not enough… VOTE GREEN


Green Party of Canada  got 3rd prize for semi-commercial  booth at Regional Fall Fair  Port McNeill Sept.7-8 - francis guenette photo



 Green Party booth at Regional Fall Fair  Port McNeill Sept.7-8  with supporters and Mark de Bruijn- francis guenette photo



Constructing election signs . . .


Mark de Bruijn 2019 election sign frames built by Bruce Witze and Francis Guenette, Sept 1-2019


Up early installing them when the election was called on September 11th

Early morning start in Port Alice - bruce witzel photo



Port McNeill campbell way next too North Island Senior Secondary and Chilton Regional Arena Complex  - bruce witzel photo


Sign at Coal Harbour 15 minutes west of Port Hardy - bruce witzel photo


Telegraph Cove turnoff 2 Sept 11-2019 - bruce witzel photoN




I’ll move onto the next 10 photos with the beauty of Sheep River Falls and the Provincial Park.  Fran and I went on a short hike last week to be rejuvenated by nature’s wonder.



Sheep River Falls 2 Alberta Oct 6-2019 - bruce witzel photo




Sheep River b in Alberta Oct 6-2019 - bruce witzel photo



Francis high above Sheep River Falls in Alberta Oct 6-2019 - bruce witzel photo




Sheep River Falls Alberta Oct 6-2019 - francis guenette photo(1c)




Sheep River Provinical Parkand 4b Rocky Mountains in autumn Oct 7-2019 - bruce witzel photo




                             Mountain Sheep  2 at Sheep River Provinical Park, Oct 7-2019 - bruce witzel photo(1)




 Sheep River Provinical Park, Alberta in fall Oct 7-2019 - bruce witzel photo




Sheep River 2c in Alberta Oct 6-2019 - bruce witzel photo(1)(1)




Sheep River Provinical Park and a black bear Oct 7-2019 - francis guenette photo




Sheep River Provinical Park with autumn colour Oct 7-2019 - bruce witzel photo




We also have been visiting family for a bit. Onto a solar dollhouse…  a model design.


Bike riding on the High River Flood Dyke Oct 5-2019  - bruce witzel photo     Bike riding with my grandaughter Emma Oct 5-2019


We went bicycle riding and built a doll house for my lovely granddaughters. Of particular note below is the design of the natural passive solar heating through the south facing windows.

Seriously. . .  one of the many solutions to a creating a healthy wholesome world.


Finished doll house with Emma and Brit - bruce witzel photo



With Emma and Brit studying the plans - fran guenette photo


Sketch for the doll house - francis guenette photo




Emma nailing her doll house together - francis guenette photo


Fran with the kids at their dollhouse - bruce witzel photo


 Part Four:


Like many other adults, Francis and I bore witness to the young people during the Global Climate March of September 27. In Whistler, British Columbia close to a 1000 students participated.

It is truly inspiring to see so many people in so many cities throughout the world, speaking truth to power.


Climate strike at Whistler 3 , BC Sept 27-2019 - francis guenette photo



Climate strikers 2 at Whistler , BC Sept 27-2019 - francis guenette photo



Climate strikers 3a at Whistler , BC Sept 27-2019 - francis guenette photo




Many people don’t believe our understand how it is possible for our civilization to transition from using fossil fuels, at the same time that this is absolutely essential  for our survival.


My life is dedicated to show this is possible and Francis and I, along with many others, live our lives by daily examples of how to do this…


Our off-grid cabin July 23-2019 - bruce witzel photo


I recommend that if you are in doubt, look at the work and leadership of people like Mark Z. Jacobson who is a professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University. Read about his work at The Solutions Project. Or watch his 30 minute keynote presentation on Transitioning Towns, Cities, and Countries to 100% Renewable Energy is an excellent overview,

It’s filled with hope and cost effective solutions of what is happening now in this direction …. all with wind, sun and water power.





Please, when it comes to time to vote take care. Look at who is running for office, what and who they stand for, and who is funding them… Then consider voting for the green candidates.


                               Cheers & happy thanksgiving  


                                                   ~ Bruce ~





  1. I am so in awe and I respect the young people of today who are speaking loudly and clearly of their intention to effect change for the positive, and to accept climate responsibility as their role, even if that is amazingly unfair. I respect and admire you and Francis, too, Bruce, for your dedication and leadership in this area. I learn a lot from you. And the solar powered dollhouse issue cool! 🙂

    • Ah … thanks Debra …. We too admire the youth. We just heard that Greta Thunberg had been to Pine Ridge in South Dakota and is planning to come to Alberta soon. Though her itinerary hasn’t been announced yet, she will likely visit the massive tarsands projects near Fort McMurray…. see is so courageous. You are likely aware that Alberta is the province in Canada that is amost totally dedicated to further expansion of fossil fuel extraction, And yet they have abundant wind and solar. Per capita, Albertan’s are among the richest Canadians. Hence, it is looking like the Conservative Party will sweep the province completely in the upcoming election. Greta is stepping into an area where she will be criticized so severely. And as she said in her speech to the UN … “I should be in school now”…. She’s really stepping into the fire…. Speaking of fire, so sorry to hear of what’s happening in LA right now.

  2. ~ Love the campaign slogan: “Not left. Not right. Forward Together.”
    ~ The solar-powered dolls’ house is brilliant. It introduces children at a young age to an alternative to fossil fuel energy.
    ~ Thanks for sharing the link to Mark Z. Jacobson’s YouTube video.

    • Hi Rosalienne… the slogan has been a standard for Greens throughout the world for many years now … or versions of it i.e. .. neither left , nor right but ahead. Thanks for the lovely comment about the solar doll house… I also often introduce solar ovens to kids to show how simple and powerful is the energy of the sun. Jacobosn analysis and work is brilliant and in spite how often people drag there feet with the solutions, his studies show that 90 to 95% of the solutions to get off fossil fuels are already available and happening. The spin-offs of more jobs, more money saved, better health for people, and reduced climate change effects all are documented.

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