Congratulations to California on Earth Day 2019


California just made more clean energy than it needed.

                                                      (from PV Magazine)


“The state grid operator has shown that for most of the period between 1:50 PM and 3:05 PM on Sunday, April 21, more carbon emission-free electricity than users demanded was generated in its region,” reports John Weaver for PV Magazine.


Getty images

Getty images


“We’re a long way from the land of milk and honey but on Easter Sunday – for about an hour – we got a taste of the promised land,” Weaver wrote today. (edited article continues below)

On Sunday, at 1.55pm Pacific time, grid operator the California Independent Systems Operator (CAISO) reported the greenhouse gas emissions necessary to serve its demand – around 80% of California’s electricity demand on an annual basis – was measured at minus-16 mega tons of CO² per hour . . .

Of importance to note is that to get to the net negative value, CAISO considered all electricity imports and exports. And as can be noted in the image below, The CO² intensity of imports during the day rapidly declined as the sun came up, first going negative around 9.05am, and mostly staying so until just before 6pm.


trend from PV magazine

At the peak negative moment of 2.15pm, -112 mTCO²/h . . .  the total amount of clean, instantaneous generation being used in the power grid region was 17 GW, with renewables giving 76% of the total, hydro 14%, nuclear 13% and imports of -12% countering the CO² from just over 1.4 GW of gas generation.”

John Weaver


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This shows in real terms that we can create a better world with less dependence on fossil fuels.


Cheers to California



6 thoughts on “Congratulations to California on Earth Day 2019

  1. We have so many restrictions and taxes placed on us because of clean energy, but at least within my circle of friends, we are more than happy to comply. I have only lived in California, so I am old enough to remember being a child and having my chest hurt because the air was so polluted. We are FAR from ideal, but we have also come very far. And the alternative energy effort is only going to increase. I’m glad our small successes reach your ears, Bruce. 🙂

    • Thanks for this comment Debra. I don’t view it as a small success but a large one. I’e heard it said that in many ways (good and bad) California is sort of a microcosm of the world.
      I’m glad that you are happy to comply with the necessary restrictions and fees associated with having a healthy city and state (indeed world) with cleaner air, less emissions and real change and hope this gives for future generations.

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