Love winter when the plant says nothing.


~ Thomas Merton ~


Snow on the mountains Feb16, 2019- bruce witzel photo



Snow and the lake and old mans beard lichen, feb 16-2019 - bruce witzel photo



snowtracks - photo by thomas merton

Snowtracks – by Thomas Merton



Snow at Victoria Lake, BC- Feb.16, 2019 - bruce witzel photo



Kicking Horse River 2, British Columbia Canada, Nov.26-2017 - bruce witzel photo



Good panorama of the lake and greenhouse, Feb15-2019 - bruce witzel photo


                                Peace ~



9 thoughts on “Thomas Merton ~ ON THE LOVE OF WINTER

  1. Got a messsge from Word Press indicating that you enjoyed my version of Thomas Merton’s last
    speech the day he died.
    I am flattered and just want to thank you.
    He saved my life (I am now 80
    Years old and ready to leave this woundrous planet being destroyed by mankind’s follies.
    May you and yours be ever well and hopelessly happy.
    Randy De Trinisj

    • Hi Janet. This was are first real snow this year on Northern Vancouver Island, from ten days ago. Where we live we have good southern exposure and now there is only a bit of snow in shady spots left. My wife pointed out our first crocus coming up a few days ago… so I guess I used a bit of artistic license with Merton’s quote, to go with the photos. The west coast of Canada is much milder than the rest of the country, and spring’s just around the corner here, too.


    • Hi Debra. The area of coastal BC is quite mild in Winter by Canadian standards – like coastal Washington or Oregon. The photos here (except the river) are all from the first real snowfall we had this year, about 10 days ago. We have good exposure to the sun, so the snow is mostly gone now. The past few weeks night hover just below freezing and days rise to slightly above freezing – glorious weather. Winter or Autumn are my two favorite seasons. Sort of a toss up, but I like the slowed down pace of winter best 🙂

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