Windows to the world


Lakeview panorama  b&w March 10-2017 - bruce witzel photo

b.witzel photo 


Arm in arms


Rich world /poor world

Divided or not?

No. Know no dichotomy.

We are one

with the earth, the heavens

The stars of night

and the smiling faces of children.


The hungry ones’ eyes

are sad, empty stomachs

suffer pain.

And we rich world

of smiling faces,

arm in arms. Are we won?

With the hungry ones’ – are we one

duty and bound,

for this “dirty rotten system”


The earth, the heavens

meet. Dichotomy or not?

No. Know this not . . . the duality

rich world /poor world.


~ B. Thomas Witzel ~


Migrant Mother (Florence Owens Thompson) dorothea lange photo taken March 13, 1936 Public domain US library of congress


 Florence Owens Thompson (1903 –1983)  “Migrant Mother” 

(US Library of Congress – Dorothea Lange photo & thanks to Public Images Online Blog)



“When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint.

When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a communist.”


― Dom Helder Camara


800px-Braziliaanse_bisschop_Don_Helder_Camara_bij_eucharistieviering_in_Den_Bosch_tu,_Bestanddeelnr_927-5424 (2)

Photo by Hans Peters/Anefo, via Wikimedia commons


12 thoughts on “Windows to the world

    • Well – it’s improvident not to pull the wool over our eyes, is it? I believe that a change of heart and minds and ways of being, is possible. In spite that so many an so much that are against these odds. Myself, I have never have been a gambler though. Hmmm… not sure what I’m even getting at sometimes.

      • The “social action” of the “communist” can be labeled good works until it threatens the common Treasury, I suppose. A change of hearts and minds isn’t brought about in the political spectrum but in the individual sphere. Your artistry reaches the individual and requires a response. I say amen to your yearnings.

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