Busy days, under the sun.

Winter Harbour, May 2018 - bruce witzel photo


I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world

and a desire to enjoy the world.

This makes it hard to plan the day.




Guest Cabin, May 2018 - bruce witzel photo


Moe's with scaffold system, May 2018 - bruce witzel photo


clear fir


Windmill blade - May 2018 - bruce witzel photo (2)


My brother Allan has put in a 17 kilowatt Solar Array for his home in Saskatchewan pictured below. He also uses Geo-thermal energy via a heat pump. Good work indeed.

My brother's Solar Array - Al Witzel photo



 Cheers ~ Bruce



Sunset on the lake March 2018 (3)- bruce witzel photo

17 thoughts on “Busy days, under the sun.

  1. Hey Bruce, thanks for all of your fascinating pics and beautiful quotes. Keep the faith and here’s to more of your great work.
    Cheers, Mickey

    • Ki Mickey – sorry for the slow response. I always like to research who’s commenting, and I was delighted when I found your article from 2015 Home Power magazine about your life off-grid in Virginia and your hydro power system upgrade. Many parallels to here with the evolution of your system sound similar to our own experience here on Northern Vancouver island (our refer’s also to my wife Francis). One difference is that our two 50 watt Arco Solar Panels (circa the 1979 days of jimmy carter’s days in the white house) did not survive – I’m not sure what happened to them but by 94 or 95 they failed. Later modules we installed in 85 have survived to date fine. Here’s 2 links that describe our system in detail – many parralel’s as you’ll see ( though being lucky to be born in Canada I didn’t have to serve in Vietnam – we’ve only experienced 2 fires here, which can really be no comparison at all i know)
      These posts explain our system in 2 parts

      I’ve gotta go for now, but thanks so much for dropping over to my blog and all the best to you and Jenny … good cheers to you – Bruce

  2. Hi Bruce, What is the long white thing, looks like a giant surf board? Do you have a wind source? Sorry our president is so rude to your PM. Crazy times. Someone said that being mad at Canada is like being mad at a Golden Retriever. Made me laugh.

    • Hi Susan. It’s good to hear from you. I was away from the computer for a few days. The white thing next to my truck in the photo is a large wind blade from the Cape Scott Wind Farm on northern Vancouver Island. I was an early wind energy proponent. as far back as 2000 on this particular project . I did the following post when it came on line a few years a few years back,… made a typo though- the wind farm produces 99 MEGA watts, not 99 watts. https://throughtheluminarylens.wordpress.com/2013/06/16/wow-more-mega-watts-from-cape-scott-on-global-wind-day/
      Speaking of political antics, just last week the province of Ontario elected a Trump clone – Doug Ford…. so it seems Canada too is not immune to the crazy times. Loved the analogy given to Canada as a Golden Retriever. Loyal and friendly. I feel only a little bad to say, but it seems that the USA is often sort of like a Pit Bull at times. Good and bad is everywhere in the world though.

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