Eastern Sierra Nevada's, October 2012 - bruce witzel photo

I lay in the meadow until the unwrinkled serenity entered in my bones, and

made me one with the still greenery, the drifting clouds.


~ Alice James ~

Eastern Sierra Nevada's, Califfornia USA - bruce witzel photo


 Cheers    ~    Bruce


    • Your welcome David. Francis and I found that the eastern side of the mountains had quite a “mellow feeling” and we’ve traveled there twice, avoiding the central valley. We’re a bit sad and stunned about your current political situation and Fran and I made a vow at the end of your last federal election, we would not travel to the United States until things changed to a more moderate leadership. I am so heartened that you an others work so hard to be that voice of love, compassion, and moderation that world so much yearns for, at this precarious moment of history. Good cheers and friendship, as always – Bruce

      • here’s wishing you safety,
        and happiness in travel
        that can’t be found
        any longer in the US, Bruce!
        my distant hope is that it will
        again be a desirable place
        to visit in my lifetime.
        may you be well & happy πŸ™‚

    • Yes the beauty of nature often has this effect, doesn’t it Annette? At times I try to take a picture of something not so beautiful or serene (like an oil well or industrial complex, for example) and I’m never quite able to catch the essence of it. So much easier in the natural world.

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