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It seems to me Christians can profit greatly from Zen methodology to deepen their Christian faith… Surely it would be a good idea to take up this methodology and start once again to teach people how to pray…


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What I want to say here is that impoverished Western man (sic) is greatly in need of something like this, because the contemplative life is fantastically underdeveloped in the developed and affluent nations.


When this happens, and when the contemplative dimension existing in every person becomes starved, then people go berserk and do crazy things…


May this be because modern Christianity has projected the image of a churchgoing religion rather than a mystical one?


Saint Joseph's Oratory of Montreal, Quebec - bruce witzel photo


May it have too much bingo and too little mysticism? Too much theological chatter and not enough sublime silence?


Word, words, words! Perhaps this is why we need a blood transfusion from the East.


Fr. William Johnston, 1971


Franciscan monastery in 1978 - bruce witzel photo



Manzanar Japanese-American Internment Monument in Owens Valley, California - bruce witzel photo


Let us pray for peace, love and awakening

among people and nations,

world religions

and earth’s commonwealth.


Cheers  ~ Bruce

11 thoughts on “CHRISTIAN ZEN

  1. I’ve had my spiritual travels….. through various “doctrines”. Was raised in Christianity…. and returned to Christ about one year ago. I can understand 100% why people would say something like this post…. it was what I felt too. Where is the love Jesus stood for? I was angry at the church, for 1000+ more years, since the split in 1054AD, I couldn’t understand their greed, the “holy wars” etc… etc… completely opposite of what Christ taught and died for. There were many contradictions……

    In this last year I’ve received a miraculous understanding of Christianity. A Christianity that raise the dead, heal the sick by faith and spoken word. I’ve also come to understand that the “Christianity” I grew up in, was most probably hijacked since the earliest of ages…. since the beginning.

    People are mostly confused about the old and new covenant. Some live only by the old covenant… some mix the two … whereas the new covenant (new testament) actually replace the previous one, “the cross. ” .

    Some people are still fighting the “talmud” wars of the old testament under the new covenant in their pseudo- “Christianity”…

    Some of us get so confused that we throw the baby out with the bath water 🙂

    I’ve been led by Spirit to write about my own journey … to write how I understand Christianity, how the “information” was confirmed etc. The true teachings of Christ goes far beyond what other religions is about. I can understand people get “confused” and other people are just scared that someone might really understand it and screw up their “power trips”…. Have a peaceful week.

    I actually don’t want to call it “Christianity” anymore … just “The way of Jesus” ….. or the “teachings of Jesus” 🙂
    In Eastern Orthodoxy it is known as “The Way” …..

  2. Thanks, Bruce. Nice post, and one I agree with wholeheartedly, especially now in the US. Lucky you, to be living in Canada now! My lineage teacher, Sogyal Rinpoche, teaches this very same thing, and I think also the Dalai Lama. Hope you are all well, up in your little corner of paradise!

    • Your welcome Susan. Fran and I have agreed to boycott traveling in the States as long as Trump is president. The Christian Zen approach is one that I believe will transform our hearts and mind, and guide us through these tumultuous times. Thank you for own example of living a life of faith and example. I’m sorry we were unable to visit you on our recent trip. I hope you are managing as best you are able to, in your own difficult moment. Peace and love… Bruce.

  3. I remember reading in Edgar Cayce and other spiritually-oriented people’s books that 2 a.m. ( local time) is an ideal time to meditate, that many people around the world choose that time, because it is so quiet and peaceful. I know I awaken naturally at 2 a.m. on a regular basis and may start using that time to meditate on those things you mention: peace, love, health. If I believe I am joining with others in spiritual (but not religious) mind-meld, I believe it will amplify the good vibes.

    • Thanks for your comment Katharine. It reminded me of hearing about Helder Camara, the champion of Brazil’s poor, how he daily awoke at 2.00 am for contemplation and meditation. Dom Helder was made famous for his comment “that if give I bread to the poor, they call me a saint, but if I say the poor are hungry they call me a communist.”

      Once when he was a bishop an an assassin came to his home to kill him. He opened the door and invited the assassin in. After some time talking together the man had a change of heart and left Helder Camara unharmed. That’s what we have to do… like the assassin, we must change our minds, an dour hearts.

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