LIGHT NEVER LIES (2nd Book in the Crater Lake Series)


My wife Francis has a free book promotion happening…




Take a look at what recent readers have to say about The Light Never Lies.


  • Every bit as good as Disappearing in Plain Sight – The Light Never Lies brought me right back into the fold of characters I have come to love! Just as much wit and insight as the first book with a bit more action & intrigue. Fabulous read, incredibly good writing.


  • I felt like all the characters in this series were family or good friends. I was “right at home” and couldn’t wait to see what would happen next. Highly recommended for all.


  • Love this book! I love this series! It is interwoven with real life drama. I’ve devoured the books! GOOD read Ms. Guenette!


  • The characters are so real and believable! Everyone should read the whole series!


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Book Description:


Light Never Lies - back cover synopsis - by Francis Guenette FINAL



Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon, the second book in the Crater Lake Series –

The Light Never Lies – will be FREE

from Sunday the 18th to Wednesday the 21st of September.


Book Cover Photo forThe Light Never lies - by Bruce Witzel



The Crater Lake Series:                                 hh logo final




         Book One                                                                                      Book Two 

DPS Softcover jpeg (2)front

                THE LIGHT NEVER LIES (cover) - novel by Francis Guenette                                              


Book Three

Chasing Down the Night (cover)  novel -by  Francis Guenette


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