Northern Washington - bruce witzel photo


Everybody is indigenous to the planet. We’re indigenous to different land bases and to me, our DNA physically comes from those land bases.


Together in the garden - bruce witsel photo


But we’ve got to know who we are – to know our identity – if we’re going to make it.


Keith @ Spruce Bay Old Growth Trail - bruce witzel photo (2)



A tiger know it’s a tiger and it does tiger things;

a wolf knows it’s a wolf and does wolf things.



Artist unknown - photo taken in Arizona


And we’re human beings but we’re not doing human being things.


Phoenix, Arizona - photo and effects by bruce witzel (2)


We may doing human things but we’re not doing human being things because the ‘being’ – that’s the balance.


Our niece at the lake - Bruce Witzel & Francis Guenette


And I think that’s the most crucial thing, to know who we are. If we know who we are and we seek to find that, then we will understand the gifts that we have and our abilities.


John Trudell   1946 – 2015                                       



Lake Manitou, Saskatchewan - photo and effects by Bruce Witzel (2)



~ Cheers and Peace ~




                john trudell_human_finelines-580 (2)




  1. So True. We are Human Beings, But we are not Being Human.
    The wars, the riots, the killings, the drugs, the sex, the politicians, the destruction of trees. Is this what God gave us a Human Life to Do ?

  2. Balance and time to meditate on the meaning of our humanity is not often found in this fast paced world. You’ve beautifully shared from the wisdom of John Trudell, and I’m so glad you did, Bruce.

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