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charles's lawn -  charles brandt photo


“This is my lawn:  uncut, unwatered, unfertilized, just the variety of natural grasses spotted with Shasta Daisies, Yarrow, Hairy Cat’s Ear, Sword and Bracken Ferns, Snowberry, Salmonberry, Thimble Berry, Dandelion, surrounded by Hemlock and Big leaf Maples.

This is the natural world, the other than human world that we must learn to love, because it is a sacred world.  We only love something (someone) because it is sacred.  Only the sense of the sacred will save us.”


Charles Brandt

~  hermit priest of Vancouver Island ~


Fr. Charles Brandt at his hermitage - photo from Bishp Gary's blog (3)

                  Charles at Thomas Merton House: “The hermitage”                         (photo by Bishop Gary Gordon)


17 thoughts on ““WHEN YOU COMMUNE WITH NATURE, YOU COMMUNE WITH GOD” – Fr. Charles Brandt

    • Yes, so beautiful – I have a special request for you about Charles’ upcoming 50th anniversary as a hermit/priest on Vancouver Island, which will be celebrated on Nov. 5th.I had thinking about contacting you. Could I do so by email? Nice to hear from you David.

      • Yes it will be a wonderful event… just wondering the best way to contact you 1 on 1… I didn’t see a private email on your blog… could I get that from you now, and then over the next day or two I’d write you.

      • thanks for the kind offer, Bruce!
        the “contact me” blog section goes
        directly to my email. i can write you back from there 🙂

      • hi Bruce,

        the contact page is not public, unless a comment is posted, i guess. somehow i thought you had written to me before. i’ll take a look 🙂

  1. I must admit I prefer the natural wonder of vegetation except for the creeping thorny vines. Do they accept retreat at the hermitage on the island?

    • 🙂 Yes, thorns aren’t fun. The hermitage is Charles’s home, so no retreats. He does invite people to the hermitage for Christian Meditation (in the tradition of Fr. John Main) once a month. Here is a wonderful website that describes the larger meditation community… http://wccm.org/ Thanks for asking.

    • Your garden contemplation sounds so down to earth, Rosaliene. Charles posted this to his email list few days ago, yes, as a wonderful reminder. To be grateful of the beauty around us… big or small, wild or tame. Just to be grateful of the simple miracles. Amen to that. 🙂

  2. Even in our small and crowded island we fortunately retain sufficient wild or sympathetically-managed areas to retain a good ecological balance. Nothing better than a jog along natural trails, cliff paths, beaches, through woodland or common. A shame I’m such a townie I can’t identify the various species like Fr Brandt 😦

    • Hi Roy. Wonderful to read your comment. Natural trails are most wonderful. I like to garden and cut a bit of grass, but to late nature just do her thing, that’s the simplest and leaves us more time to enjoy. I too am amazed at Charles knowledge of flora and fauna. About a month ago I was sitting with him outside the hermitage and as a bird began to whistle its tune, he said to me, “Listen… do you hear the Swainsons Thrush?” I think he told me it was a male, too! Hope all is well with you Roy… and your Channel Island of Jersey. 🙂

  3. A local city park bordering a lovely reservoir with plenty of wildflowers, birds, and other wildlife regularly gets it’s share of thrash from picnickers, shore fishermen, etc., we used to walk by it frustrated, for several years now we’ve been picking it up, as if by magic the park has became a sacred place.

    • Yes… it’s amazing how good work like picking up other peoples debris makes such a difference. As a kid, this was my first job, and I loved it. Helping to beautify our local park… as if by magic or miracle…. the earth is transformed.

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