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What do your numbers show?


Monarch butterfly @ Pismo Beach California Nov. 2012 - bruce witzel photo



A World Bank Report on Loss and Damage… said that by 2030, 325 million people could be both very poor and living in areas very susceptible to extreme weather events. By mid-century, the report estimates the losses due to climate change to the world’s coastal cities alone could come to $1 trillion/year, every year. . . 

The issue called “loss and damage” comes to this: the community of nations, particularly the industrialized world, having failed to reduce emissions sufficient to avoid climate damage, having failed to assist developing countries to put in place robust adaptation measures to reduce damage from killer weather events, the poorest of the poor are getting hit with massive storms for which they are unprepared. . . 

This is like the point on the Titanic when lifeboats were only available for First Class passengers.

Elizabeth May


Monarch Population @ Pismo State beach - bruce witzel photo



Let us live more simply so other beings can simply live


~ Bruce ~


10 thoughts on “FELLOW EARTHLINGS… WE NEED METAMORPHOSIS! (the unsettling numbers)

  1. I recently read a report that said that the equatorial belt will become almost unlivable first due to increased temps and extreme weather events, before the North and the South will experience a similar fate. Mostly the poorer countries are situated in the equatorial regions of the world, the countries that have typically contributed the least towards global warming. Already, we have 60 million refugees on this planet and how many more will be added due to climate change? It is truly heart breaking to see this scenario unfold in our life time and it is infuriating to see how little political will there is (especially in the US) to actually do something about it. I read a report recently that laid it all out but encouraged readers to “Do just one thing.” If all of us who had a conscience and care could commit to “just one thing” – reducing plastic consumption, reducing how much we drive, buying mostly from farmer’s markets in season, etc. – and let things grow from there. Surely that is doable? I am doing way more than “just one thing” in my life but feel like I am fighting an uphill battle surrounded by people who just shrug their shoulders…

    • This is all so true Annette. Little things do make a massive difference when we multiply them by millions and millions of positive acts – whether of kindness, conserving energy, or reusing and recycling, etc. The list of positive concrete solutions for ourselves is large indeed, and for all of us rich and poor, and in between, all of us together… they all can add up to bring transformation to the world. Lets just begin, each of us! There is no way anyone can shrug there shoulders with indifference anymore because what affects one affects us all… even though we may not see it. This is a known fact of physics, a fact of the larger universe. I really appreciate your reflection & comment, and wise counseling experience as well Annette. Thank you for sharing this so freely.

  2. I agree, if we imagine a system that is in some type of equilibrium and could continue to function more or less indefinitely the number of humans on the planet, not to mention the lifestyles of those of us that are wealthiest, is unsustainable. From my particular “moral perspective” the planet appears to be in store for some very unfortunate events (we’ve have already seen quite a few in more localized settings) that will address of the problem if we lack the will and consensus to do so in a more controlled fashion. How much collateral damage will occur to other life forms as these events unfold is anybody’s guess.

    • Thanks you for your reflection. Your example of love and care for the natural world around us brings hope and action together, and show their is another way than buying and selling and a mere economic view of the world alone.

  3. Beautiful expression!
    i remember so many fluttering about Pismo
    when i attended university nearby several decades ago.
    thanks for your continuing to solicit compassion
    & common sense, Bruce 🙂

  4. Lovely butterfly shot, Bruce. We have a butterfly bush and some milkweed plants to help us help the butterflies. It’s a little something. Many of the parks here also have milkweed, which always makes me very happy.


      • I LOVE your analogy with the Titanic! I am organizing permaculture/agroecolgoy training for college aged folk as mission leaders for underserved faith communities. There will be opportunities for these folk to also become worker-owners in the Soil & Souls mission enterprise. If you know someone who can give this mission enterprise a financial boost–give a Holler!

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