Living Memorial Sculpture Garden, Weed California - bruce witzel photo


The Why Sculpture at the Living Memorial Sculpture Garden, Weed California



Kohan reflection garden @ Slocan Lake, BC - Fran Guenette photo


Kohan Reflection Garden – New Denver BC

Four thousand  Canadians of Japanese Heritage were interned nearby during World War 2 including the well known environmentalist, scientist and broadcaster, Dr. David Suzuki.



“War does not determine who is right – only who is left.”   Bertrand Russell




10 thoughts on “ABSTRACT ON WAR

  1. Yes, and . . .
    Why is our government still fighting wars? Have the pacifists all been killed off? Have regular Americans simply been beaten into submission to a government gone insane? There is no better time than the present to get noisy about stopping this needless bloodshed.

  2. Such a beautiful photo, and quote…life is living in the moment for sure. I am married to a vet….God bless them ALL.

    • Thank you kindly. The sculpture himself is a vet. He has a series of about 12 sculptures and then 100’s of pine trees were planted. It is close to Mt. Shasta and I recommend it as a powerful Living Memorial for all veterans of war, anywhere.

      • I am in awe..the beauty and the heart…we shall get out to there…riding a Harley Davidson.

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