Izzy’s Clothesline Platform

Fran's rebuilt clothes line platform, April 14, 2016 - by bruce witzelMy wife Francis has a lovely piece of dialogue in her first novel, Disappearing in Plain Sight, when Izzy’s husband Caleb talks to his friend Liam as they watch Izzy hang out the laundry. Moving and humorous, all I might add is that some truths are best expressed in fiction. Read on, and then click to her blog at the bottom, for a bit of a chuckle! (And, I must confess – I hope you enjoy my own handiwork.)


Socks on the line - Guenette photo

For all the new readers of Disappearing in Plain Sight – here’s a treat and an example of how fiction informs reality.

One of the first building projects tackled after I came to the cabin was a crude platform up a couple of stairs that allowed me to reach the newly installed clothesline. For all it’s primitive nature, that original platform hung around a long time – twenty-three years this fall!

Sheets on the line - Guenette photo

In the above photo, the platform is barely visible. It was a humble structure all tucked up behind the salal bushes. And definitely on it’s last legs in 2015 with rotting posts causing the whole thing to lean forward at the front end. The already iffy platform was not helped, on more than one afternoon near the end of last summer, by the antics of a large bear who chose to climb up and plant him or herself on…

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