READ ALL ABOUT IT! Disappearing In Plain Sight, for free…

       A view from the deck…. could this be Crater Lake?

View of the lake, March 23, 2016  - bruce witzel photo


In celebration of my wife’s first novel in the Crater Lake Series, Disappearing in Plain Sight      e-book is being offered free on Amazon until this Tuesday. Click that link to head over there.


Currently it’s risen to number one in it’s category!


                                                                DPS Softcover jpeg (2)front



Here’s the back cover synopsis, and below that are a few reviews…



DPS Softcover jpeg (2)closeup backcover


What do the readers say?


  • It’s quite rare for me to encounter a story that stays with me for months afterward. This book did just that rare thing for me … I devoured this story, felt attached to the characters, and was sorry when it was over. Not to mention that the Guenette’s beautiful prose made me yearn for the rugged west coast …


  • I didn’t want this book to end. To say the characters are compelling doesn’t do them justice. They are as real as if they were my own friends and neighbours.


  • Disappearing in Plain Sight is a beautiful read with fascinating characters and a setting you are dying to visit by the end of the book… Guenette keeps you guessing with cleverly woven twists that touch on real and emotional issues including alcoholism, loss, abuse and infidelity. Grab a cuppa and put your feet up. You’ll want to cosy up for this one!


  • I enjoyed this moving story, it’s characters and their relations with nature. I would recommend it to anyone who cares about the environment which our descendants will inherit.


  • Disappearing in Plain Sight is a story of real life problems and the often unforeseen consequences of the choices we make…Guenette’s cleverly written twists and unanswered questions held my attention all the way through. I love that I incorrectly predicted the outcome of every storyline, right up to the heart-pounding climax…


  • I recommend this novel that delves deeply into the human psyche and soul to give hope to all who have only to turn the page to become immersed in life at Crater Lake.


  • I will add Disappearing in Plain Sight to that rather restricted number of books I will never forget – and boy am I glad that there is a sequel, already on my Kindle!





Cheers to a           good read…



~ Bruce ~


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