On interconnectedness,suffering,& compassion…

I had a pious thought, but I am not going to write it down . . . The thoughts that come to me are stupid. I feel knocked out, but I can think of no good reason to feel otherwise. There is not much use in making long speeches to Jesus about our pains, especially on Good Friday.

Thomas Merton


We are capable of suffering with our world, and that is the true meaning of compassion. It enables us to recognize our profound interconnectedness with all beings . . . it is a measure of your humanity and your maturity. It is a measure of your open heart, and as your heart breaks open there will be room for the world to heal.

Joanna Macy

through the luminary lens


A statue

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  1. Thank you Bruce for your messages. Brothers and sisters throughout the world feel the worlds pains and it is at this moment that we all come together to find fortitude and love for one another. May we always remember that we are all together as one. Love and peace to all.

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