HARMONY – LET’S CELEBRATE and ACT (reflecting on international women’s day)


“The problems we face today, violent conflicts, destruction of nature, poverty, hunger and so on, are human-created problems which can be resolved through human effort, understanding and the development of a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood. We need to cultivate a universal responsibility for one another and the planet we share.”               ~ The Dalai Lama ~



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Yesterday I tried, unsuccessfully, to re-blog my wife’s post.


Here is part of it:



International Women’s Day–Let’s Celebrate and Act




Join 52,218 (more by the time you click on) who have come together to send a powerful message: we won’t end extreme poverty without ending global gender inequality.




On Kiva (sorry, yesterday only) – all loans were matched – double your impact and make a difference in real women’s lives. And if you make a loan, (as I did) you’ll be able to share this wonderful graphic all over social media.





My niece, Maranda, dances with a brave group of young women (Butterflies in Spirit) to raise awareness – at that most visceral level – of the plight of missing and murdered Aboriginal women. For more information about this issue check out the Amnesty International Report – No More Stolen Sisters.


To all the Butterflies in Spirit – may each of you continue to find the strength to raise your voices and move your bodies. May family and friends continue to give the support that is necessary so these young women can stand strong on the front lines.


by francis guenette (click to open her full complete post)



My wife Fran is the most amazing person, who work’s tirelessly for a better world. She is a (semi) retired educator and trauma counsellor, who has since written four acclaimed novels, including three in the Crater Lake Series (pictured below).  As one reviewer said “I think I’d even read shopping lists penned by this author.  Francis’ story telling reflects a range of landscape & experience – love, sex, lust, greed, spirituality, sacrifice, death, murder, & life.  Click titles, for descriptions & details.


Disappearing in Plain Sight



           The Light Never Lies                      Chasing Down the Night


“…we all have an opportunity and moral obligation to recognize our spiritual common ground; to rise above our differences; to combat prejudice and intolerance.”  ~ Queen Noor of Jordan ~



Peace. love and harmony 


~ Bruce ~


8 thoughts on “HARMONY – LET’S CELEBRATE and ACT (reflecting on international women’s day)

  1. I am not much of a “shopper,” but I have found a wonderful local resource for gifts and small personal items and I always look forward to walking through the door. “Ten Thousand Villages” features handmade items created by women from all over the world, primarily from countries where women struggle for survival. The store also puts a lot of emphasis on educating those of us who shop there about the vulnerability and needs of these women. I am always grateful for those who take the time to increase my awareness and raise my consciousness. You and Francis do that often, and well. And your niece definitely impresses me as well. I am moved to know more about “No More Stolen Kisses.” Thank you for such an important post as this, Bruce.

    • Debbie – thanks for the lovely comment you made last month to the post on International Women’s Day that my wife created… somehow I missed it. I oftentimes have shopped at Ten Thousands Villages. it’s so nice to know they are located down in your area of Southern California. Hope your are well & peace, as always – Bruce.

  2. Hi Bruce, I do see your blog from time to time, have been really ill with Stage IV cancer. Now it’s stage III. I am amazed to see your wife’s series, all published now and available. She has been working really hard on this. Please tell her congratulations for me. My blog is about Alternative health in the face of a terminal diagnosis: SusanShawnAlive.wordpress.com. Originally it was about our local river, the Willamette. Now: the river of life itself. Congratulations on your new PM, by the way. A vast improvement!

    • Hi Susan. Thanks for the thanks you’s… for Francis and Justin Trudeau both! We worked hard for a change and are pleased with Canada`s new direction towards social justice. We have received 25,000 Syrian refugees since he has been elected. I am sitting next to Fran in front of the wood fire and I read her your congrats & message – she is always so happy to receive wonderful feedback. And then she said – Oh no, when I told her about your struggle with cancer. I recall you alluding to “health issues” in a comment here sometime ago, and although I wondered about you at the time, I don`t think I replied or commented. I am sorry about that… I`m glad you moved into the stage 3 of the cancer – thank God for small and/or big miracles, alike. Your Shimmering Grace blog helped me fill in the gaps about how you have dealt with your diagnosis. Thank you for this. A few days ago Father Charles Brandt sent me a link about an upcoming webcast called Living and Dying in Grace, by Richard Rohr and Kathleen Singh. I`ll take liberty to include the link here – http://store.cac.org/Living-and-Dying-in-Grace-Webcast_p_408.html
      Please, keep up the good work of your life, well lived. Peace and fellowship – Bruce.

  3. There’s absolutely no question that it’s women who power the environmental and sustainability movement in New Zealand. I celebrate the activism and companionship of the activist women in my neighborhood everyday.

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