Britney at Christmas play 2015 - bruce witzel photo



Horeshoe Bay near Vancouver, B.C. - bruce witzel photo



“I am an incorrigible optimist. I’m aware of the threats that surround us, but I haven’t lost my faith, I haven’t lost my hope. And I haven’t lost my confidence that people working together harmoniously can bring about a change for the better in the world that our children will grow up in . . .” 


Emma's Grade 2 class at the 2015 Christmas concert - bruce witzel photo



Bow River in Banff Alberta - Bruce Witzel photo


“It’s not for governments to improve our lives. It is for each individual to ask himself or herself, “Should I continue to make things which destroy life, or can I lend my expertise and my experience to benefit life, to help life?”


Oaxaca Mexico with ecclesial itinerent missionaries - 1992 - bruce witzel photo on tripod



river near winter harbour - bruce witzel photo


“We get discouraged because we don’t see life as it is. We feel we can’t make a difference because we don’t see things as they really are. When we see life as it is, when we see people as they are, all sorrow will fall away, all suffering will come to an end.”


Britney @ her christmas play - bruce witzel photo

“This is the great message of all religions. When we see life as it is, all sorrow falls away.”


A quote from Eknath Easwaran (1910 –1999) 

founder of Blue Mountain Center of Meditation



Star of Wonder - bruce witzel photo



WPC: Gathering


  1. I have not visited for many months, Bruce, so it is wonderful returning to your blog. I read Francis’ A Special Christmas and was deeply touched by it. She managed to write about a very difficult matter (who can bear to witness a 17-year old daughter dying?) with an amazing presence and grace. My heart is heavy for you all; may you still experience the deep peace that only comes by grace. Merry Christmas.

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