Downtown Ottawa - bruce witzel photo


We stand now where two roads diverge.


 I-5 Seattle, Washington - francis guenette photo


The road we have long been travelling is deceptively easy…


Ventura Freeway - photo by Bruce Witzel


A smooth superhighway on which we progress with great speed,


but at its end lies disaster.


Highwood River meets Alberta Highway 541



slide-truck in ditch cropped (2)



san josef wagon road @ ronnings garden - bruce witzel photo


The other fork in the road – the one less traveled by –

offers our last, our only chance to reach a destination that assures the

preservation of the earth.


Quote from Rachel Carson, author of Silent Spring 



The Paris Climate Accord makes the eco-logical imperative described by Rachel Carson crystal clear. The unfettered extraction, use and dealing in fossil fuels give every indication that a fossil fuel economy is in our best interest. It may have been so in years past but it isn’t anymore. We need rapid divestment from fossil fuels towards a whole hearted embrace of the new de-carbonized economy based on renewable energy.  Cheers to the vision . . .



Toronto Co-operative Wind Turbine -bruce witzel photo







Solar powered cold frame, May 31-2015 -bruce witzel photo






solar prius           



    Hydro power mill - bruce witzel photo










Solar powered nature centre on the Sunshine Coast of BC - bruce witzel photo, through the luminary lens




Windfarm near Pincher Creek, Alberta - bruce witzel photo





Hybrid solar electric cooker - bruce witzel photo








Portland Washington - bruce witzel photo


People get ready, there’s a train a comin…


With love, faith and hope ~ Bruce


WPC: Oops!


  1. Wonderful photos, and such fine encouragement. I stand in awe of all that Rachel Carson accomplished in her relatively short life, and the way we still learn from her. You might find it interesting that we were in a very cool grocery store in Marin County a couple of weeks ago and one whole wall was dedicated to Rachel Carson. There was a mural with her likeness and accompanying quotes and facts. It delighted me to see its prominence. She is still educating!

    • Thanks Debra. That’s so good to know that the grocery store celebrated her. Many people say that her book “Silent Spring” brought the first wide public awareness and birthing of the environmental movement. Her contribution is immeasurable.

    • So true that we (especially most developed nations) need to work on the demand side i.e.- to use alot less energy in the first place – conservation and efficient use of energy is essential in this. A better and more accurate description of wind and solar from “intermittent” would be “variable”. Also, in my view, transport will definitely have to change, with air flight becoming very limited. The biggest challenge I see here is with the militarized. And I truly believe if any transformation is to occur it will only happen in an equitable manner or it will be no transformation at all. We all have a right to a better world … and we all have responsibility, although the measures for each of us will be different. Thanks for the link Silvia.

  2. if only
    all seven plus billion of us
    would get closer
    we might not need
    as much energy for heat
    or travel or hurting each other!
    enjoy your natural encouragement
    to get on board, Bruce 🙂

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