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The Brandt Series:




Text and nature photos by Charles Brandt


It cannot have escaped your notice, but on Thursday 18th, June 2015, Pope Francis published his long-awaited encyclical: Laudato Si, ON CARE FOR OUR COMMON HOME, addressed to every person living on this planet.

Thomas Berry writes elsewhere that the human community and the natural world must go into the future as a single sacred community, or we will perish in the desert. Some scientists believe that we have already released so much carbon into the atmosphere, which is causing global warming, that we have passed the point of no return. Laudato Si sees it differently: there is still Hope if we begin to act NOW. So menacing is this threat that recently the world powers (G7 Nations) have reached an agreement to completely “decarbonize” their economics by 2100.

This is a watershed moment. It means that all oil, coal, gas, will be left in the ground after 2100.


Antelope Canyon, Page Arizona - July 2007 by Charles A.E.Brandt



WOW! Even (our past) Canadian Prime Minister Harper agrees. This bodes well for Woodhus Creek.



Pink Salmon moving upstream  Hatchery  August 19 2015 - charles brandt photo


On “Our Common Home”, Aldo Leopold writes that our community includes by extension waters, plants, soil, atmosphere, and all sentient beings: in other words : The Human Community and the Other than Human Community.


Four-pointer Comox June 25 2015 - charles brandt photo


While Laudato Si is concerned with the poor Human Community it is perhaps more concerned with the poor Other than Human Community, especially how global warming is affecting this community.


Cover Encyclical (cover of encyclical – Praise Be, On Care for Our Common Home)


We all have important works that we are involved in. Thomas Berry points out that in addition we are all involved in the GREAT WORK: which is making a transition from a society that is having a disruptive influence on the earth to one that will have a benign influence. That we make this transition by experiencing creation with a sense of wonder and delight.


Photo by father charles brandt


That we have to fall in love with the earth. We only save something, someone, if we love them. We only love something if we think it is sacred.


bleeding heart - charles brandt photo


Only the sense of the sacred will save us. Laudato Si teaches us that the earth is sacred,

our Common Home is Sacred.


Father Charles A.E.Brandt, erm

September 30, 2015



postscript from Pope Francis . . .





Peace, Justice & Joy

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 7.41.14 PM


  1. I don’t have the eloquence to speak of the sacredness of all living things as you do, Bruce, but I feel it. Thanks for such a beautiful post and you’ve pointed me towards some additional reading I’ll look forward to.

  2. So strange that the philosophy of sacredness still needs help/effort to bring about widespread acknowledgement, agreement and actions based on the philosophy. Sometimes the glacial pace of human spiritual evolution seems inexplicable, yet positive developments combined with awareness of humanity’s historical achievements should provide solid encouragement for strong continued efforts of a benevolent nature.

  3. Nice piece! I volunteer for a small land conservation organization that hosts a “Woods, Water & Wildlife” festival for adults/kids/families. One of our serious, non-parent members thought the event should teach more about the organization and more facts about conservation – I shared that I felt the most important thing was for the kids to walk away with having a joyful experience and a heart connection to the land because that is what would inspire those kids to continue the work when they grow up. The number of kids that grow up not playing outside really concerns me.

    • Great work with the kids! Yes, to get kids outside is an important task, even if it is just walking around the city block or to a playground…. better yet into the woods or onto a beach. The lack of the out-of -doors is a real downside to the digital age – and even for adults. Thanks for sharing your positive experience -heartening indeed

  4. “[W]e have to fall in love with the earth.”
    ~ Thanks for sharing that reminder, Bruce. Those of us who live in the new technological age have become so enamored with our own creations that we have disconnected from the earth that sustains our life.

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