CLOSEUP (family trio)

Matthews view of the lichen on the rock - photo by matthew keeley

“Lichen on the rock”

– photo by my son-in-law, Matthew.


Spiderweb - photo by Mac Witzel


– photo by my father, Mac, from decades ago



Metal art - photo by bruce witzel

“Metal art”

– photo by myself


Peace & Cheers


– Bruce –



posted for Closeup WPC


8 thoughts on “CLOSEUP (family trio)

  1. How nice to share the beauty of nature with other members of your family. And each captures the beauty so well with excellent photography skills! Hope you have a great weekend, Bruce.

    • Thanks Christine. Mat has a unique perspective. We’re looking forward to early August with Emma’s first big week on her own at the lake, and then a week with Kristen along with our next door neighbors from Sooke (with a boy of similar age) and our two nieces (Rick’s and Violet’s kids) Chelsea and Jade … a full cabin for sure! Hope you are well & enjoy the summer break!

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