Echo, economy and ecology

“If nature were a bank. they would have already bailed her out.” Thank you to Adrian Sanchez over on Hoxton Spanish Tutor. With his wonderful kin for language, he makes some powerful links. Corporations aren’t the only voice… we have a voice, and so does nature. Let us create an echo. I recommend this inspiring article.


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Eco, economía y ecología 

A Greek legend tells us that on mount Kithairon lived Echo, (Eco in Spanish), a very well spoken nymph. The most beautiful words came out of her mouth in the most pleasant manner. Zeus, the ruler of the ancient Olympian Greek pantheon, the God of the sky and thunder, used to be very flirtatious with the nymphs. Hera, Zeus’ wife, the Goddess of women, fertility and marriage was jealous of Zeus’ many affairs and was out to catch his infidelities.

Depending on the version of the narrative, either Hera caught Zeus wooing Echo; or Echo prevented Hera from catching Zeus flirting with the other Nymphs by distracting Hera with her famed eloquence. Either way, Hera’s jealousy lead her to curse Echo, taking away her eloquent speech; condemning Echo to repeat only the last word said by other people.

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For many years, I did not realise that the repetitive…

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3 thoughts on “Echo, economy and ecology

  1. There’s a grammatical law that my father used to call something like “the Law of Concrete Agency”…it basically says that abstract nouns can’t have verbs associated with them. For example: “Our marriage didn’t work.” ‘Marriage’ is not a concrete noun. It cannot do work. The thing doing work in that example is the husband and wife. This makes me wonder about the rights of a ‘corporation’. (and I’ve been furious about that piece of legislation for a while) How can we assign rights to an abstract noun? A corporation is not concrete. It cannot ‘do’ anything. It’s not alive, either. How can it have rights? A tree is concrete. You can touch it, smell it, see it….and it is definitely a living being. It should definitely have rights. Land is concrete and living. It should have rights. What kind of arrogance assumes concrete properties and life for something that they just made up??? Grrrrr!

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