Here’s a short post from author and journalist P.C. Zick, that hi-lights my wife Francis’ third novel of the the Crater Lake Series. Patricia has done a wonderful review including links of her past reviews and interviews with Fran. Together, they give a detailed overview of the Crater Lake Series. Thank you Patricia. Good luck with your recent move and downsizing. Keep up your good work on climate change awareness, gardening and ecology. Also, it’s Fran’s birthday today. The best gift a person could possibly give to her would be to delve into anyone of her 3 novels. Go for it. You won’t be disappointed! Happy birthday, Francis.

                                                                                               Fran, at the real Crater Lake.


CDN (book antiqua) Front Cover 6x9 JPEG Final ProofChasing Down the Night  – Crater Lake Series, Book 3 by Francis Guenette

I’m not usually a reader of novels in a series. That changed when I fell in love with Francis Guenette’s Crater Lake setting and characters. Beginning with the first book in the series, Disappearing in Plain Sight, I settled in with Izzy and Liam, Beulah and Bethany, and all the others, becoming a part of their oddly matched family as much as the stragglers who visit them throughout the three novels.

The injured souls who come to the lake and the camp on Northern Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, arrive with low expectations, but desperate for some type of healing. In Chasing Down the Night, characters from the first two novels, such as Dylan and Lisa, still need to find some kind of resolution from their past, but the reader is also introduced to three new residents…

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