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We must teach our children and remind ourselves three simple life lessons:

Tell the truth. Actions speak louder than words. Don’t be afraid.


 From Harriet Shugarman – executive director of ClimateMama





There is no longer any room for denial around climate change.

We humans are causing climate to change.

End of story.


2015 C02 Levels




We must acknowledge and recognize that there is no bridge to a carbon-free future.

We will need to step bravely into the abyss, trust in science and the evidence and make the leap to a renewable energy future, through our actions now – individual and collective.

This will put people to work, grow the economy, and begin to heal the planet.


Observation deck on the Grand Canyon - bruce witzel photo




We must look “truth” squarely in the eye and not be afraid.

Scientists are telling us and our planet is showing us we need to act…

We need to move quickly and boldly forward to reclaim a liveable future.


Harriet Shugarman







Please read Five Renewable Energy Facts for Earth Day at ClimateMama, which is about rapidly growing U.S.A. solar installations as well as the non-profit Solar Electric Light Fund, whose goal is to assist 1.5 billion people poor people throughout the earth.


Mono Lake California Parks Center - bruce witzel photo


The photo below shows ingenious technology, a cardboard solar box cooker, built in Oaxaca Mexico in 1992. Corn husks insulate the box, solar energy is trapped (via the greenhouse effect) and voila, the food cooks!


A simple cardboard solar oven in Oaxaca Mexico, circa 1992 - bruce witzel photo


Imagine what we can do together by 2032?


Cheers ~ Bruce


8 thoughts on “SOLAR SUNDAY & CLIMATE CHANGE – part 3

  1. Haven’t heard Fogelberg for years! 🙂 AC with Tesla or DC with Edison? We ran pure DC here for years…. most pioneer off-gridders had no other choice but DC, except we’d need a noisy generator for AC stuff. I think Edisons stunt of electrocuting the poor elephant to show the dangers of AC, wasn’t a good idea at all! Though he sure had insight about renewable energy. Thanks for the comment Priscilla.

    • 🙂 Master recycling, although cardboard wasn’t all that plentiful in the mountains of Oaxaca.We built a few different models of solar cookers, some with wood. Today even manufactured solar ovens are often less expensive than propane barbecues. Problem is, people love their barbecues! Glad you liked the post Rosaliene.

  2. Why weren’t more people paying attention to Edison? Tesla may have distracted us, I suppose. Love the photos here, too. Great post! (humming Dan Fogelberg’s song “Face the Fire” in my head right now)

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