Waterfall in the forest (time exposure zoomed) - bruce witzel photo

Photography has been a hobby since I was fifteen years old when I took a wonderful course on it with my father. My first camera was a kodak instamatic.


Here I am aged eighteen, pre-digital days – no I don’t have a twin…

double exposure, from a 1976 slide  - keith launer photo

Here is how I did it:

Back in 1976 with my brand new Olympus OM-1 single lens reflex camera set on a tripod,  my friend Keith depressed the shutter taking  the first shot. Returning to the camera I carefully disengaged the film as if I were rewinding it for processing, then cocked the film advance lever, and re-engaged the film.   I stood in a different location as my friend snapped  the second shot.  Voila – a double exposure. Notice how the camera turned on the tripod slightly, creating a blur.  Taking such a picture was chancy, considering I was on a student budget and the cost of film and processing was about a dollar per photo, or in today’s 2015 dollars worth $4.23 (according to this inflation calculator). Now photographers can use sophisticated digital no risk layering techniques.


scanned photos0122 - bruce witzel photo

Back in the day, I also shot and edited super 8 movie “shorts”. Set to music in a Charlie Chaplin style, one particular film documents my “back to the land” days, while building the off-grid home (above) that Fran and myself presently enjoy. Known as “the cabin film” it was always a must see for family and friends. Who knows – maybe one day I’ll digitize it and share it with you.


Below is an image similar to the first. Set on a tripod with an open shutter of 1/4 second, I rapidly zoomed out my camera lens. Not so incidentally to the grand scheme of things, this stream supplies all our domestic water needs and a good portion of our electricity for eight months of the year, via a hydro turbine.


Waterfall in the forest, Dec. 31, 2013 time exposure zoomed  - bruce witzel photo ,


Another image demonstrating “blur”.

Waterfall with painted effect - by bruce witzel


And a final abstract shot


“Waterfall in the Forest”


Waterfall abstract - bruce witzel photo



Let us love and be grateful for earth, water and light that sustain us.


Cheers ~ Bruce


20 thoughts on “A BLUR of EARTH, WATER & LIGHT

  1. The way we were …. 🙂
    I really like your first and fourth zoom blur images; the composition is great but they also have an earthy/power of nature feeling to them.

  2. There is real artistry in your photos, Bruce. The abstract water shots are just great. It’s funny to mention, but I was cleaning out some very deep cupboards and came across an old Instamatic camera, probably from the late 70s. I added it to a bookshelf where I keep a few of my old cameras. I, for one, would enjoy that old film of the house being built should you ever get it digitized. 🙂

    • Thanks for the fine compliment Debra. The 30 minute cabin film will probably end up a retirement project. Problem is the splices are brittle and need to be redone. I’ve still go all my old editing equipment but I may have to use scotch tape. People really laughed when we used to show that film, with sound effects and everything.

  3. I have the occasional unintentional double exposure in my snapshots…those were the days! You never knew until after you’d paid for processing what you were going to get. I really like your water shots here. Moving water creates such a satisfying blur!

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