Grandkids and Greenhouses

The Old Greenhouse

The Old Greenhouse

The title of Fran’s post says it all.

I’d only add that we tore down the old greenhouse a few years back.


Tomato Seedlings

Tomato Seedlings

It gave us lots of veggies over 30 years, but had seen it’s better days…

Tearing down old greenhouse - Francis Guenette photo


Proposed Solar Greenhouse and Shed - by b.witzel

During a recent visit with our grandchildren, Bruce enlisted their help with the foundation for our new solar greenhouse.

Leveling up the foundation - Guenette photo

Bruce is happy to make use of Brit’s levelling skills.

Stuck in the mud - Guenette photo

Oh, oh – stuck in the mud.

Brit in the mud - Guenette photo

Oh, no – fell in the mud.

Greenhouse drilling - Guenette photo

Time to get Emma’s help with some drilling.

King of the mud pile - Guenette photo

Who’s the king of the mud hill?

Pouring concrete - Guenette photo

Emma’s pretty excited about helping with the concrete.

Emma pours concrete - Guenette photo

I know Bruce will be missing his talkative and lively helpers this week but he continues to make progress on his own.

Pony wall in place - b. witzel photo

Who loves a garden [or a grandkid] loves a greenhouse too. (William Cowper)

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16 thoughts on “Grandkids and Greenhouses

  1. so precious to have your grandkids around to “help”…. I love the old greenhouse idea – earth-bermed, it looks like and southern exposure, I presume? I have just the place on my property to put something like that. I’ll have to add this to my husband’s “honey-do” list 🙂

    • Yes Rosaliene – I’ll keep you posted. I’ve wanted to build a true “solar greenhouse” for years. The old one was more of cold frame. Sometimes these home projects end up taking a long time, as they can easily be put to the bottom of the ‘list’. Other times not. We’ll see how this one goes.

  2. I dream of hosting that magical adventure and being that grandparent some day…enjoying a special relationship that’s full of love and exploration but more relaxed on rules. I noticed the girls are wearing whistles around their necks. Is that a safely measure or a fashion statement? Just curious…

    • Grandkids are a life changer, for certain. 🙂 It slows us down (well, me more than grandma). They almost makes me feel like a child again, myself. About the whistles… they’re definitely not a fashion statement. If the kids get into trouble or see wildlife (like bears or a cougar, god forbid), they know to put up their arms, look bigger (tough for a 3 year old) blow the whistle, and back away. They (the kids) have moved pretty fast when a bear occasionally comes lumbering around.

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