WALLS – from the hands of a carpenter


east elevation - by bruce witzel


Building walls makes up a major part of my days and livelihood as a carpenter. These photos show repairs and renovations of such walls. The last example (number six) include walls under construction for the two story shop pictured above. It was nick-named the “garage-mahal” by my clients sister-in-law… no offence was intended to the sacred Taj Mahal.

This is my second post in response to the photo challenge on Walls which asks “this week, consider the walls you’ve erected and decorated… or the exteriors you’ve ignored or neglected.”

Here’s a sampling:


Example One:

Reconfiguring a wall and a deck – interior viewpoint.


Looking out to old deck - photo by Laura Goatham         Looking out to new deck - photo by Laura Goatham












Example Two:

Removal and repair of a deteriorated bathroom wall.


        Bathroom reno in process - bruce witzel photo          Bathroom reno - bruce witzel photo















         Bathroom reno with disintegrated wall - bruce witzel photo         Bathroom reno completed - bruce witzel photo














Example Three

Installation of new vinyl siding & windows


House reno before - photo by Laura Goatham             House siding finished - by bruce witzel













Example  Four: 

New walls and a sloped roof for an old trailer


Trailer reno in process - bruce witzel photo


trailer reno complete - bruce witzel photo



Example Five:

This brand new Mexican style shower has a ceramic and glass block wall


Building mexican style shower with glass block wall - by bruce witzel                     Guest cabin - bath & shower completed by bruce witzel














Example Six:

Building a two story shop.

  east elevation - by bruce witzel


Supporting walls -  by bruce witzel



Early wall framework - by bruce witzel


My helper next to the first roof rafter - by bruce witzel



Upper loft of garage under construction - by bruce witzel


Excercise room above a garage - by bruce witzel 


Installing wall shakes - by bruce witzel



Nearing completion - photo by bruce witzel



Completed shop - by bruce witzel


The Garage-Mahal…


Finished two story shop - by bruce witzel


“Regard it just as desirable to build a chicken house as to build a cathedral.”

Frank Lloyd Wright


Cheers to all

~ Bruce ~


14 thoughts on “WALLS – from the hands of a carpenter

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  2. I have absolute admiration for you folks who excel at construction. If I could restart life I think that’s what I’d choose to do. It doesn’t come naturally for me at all, and I admire you folks who make it seem effortless (even though I know it’s far from that).

    • Thanks Dan, for the kudos. I feel the same when I read your blog about gardening, with all your green thumb wisdom and great tips. To be sure, the photos always make construction look easier than it sometimes is. Thanks for the comment.

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