Happy 92nd to Charles Brandt

Father Charles Brandt at his hermitage on January 31, 2015 - b.witzel photo

Charles at his hermitage on Oyster River, Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

In his left hand is his Thomas Merton file.

~ Happy Birthday Charles ~

On Thursday, February 19th, Father Charles Brandt turned 92 years of age. He has said that this is a short span of time considering the earth is 4.5 billion years old. His primary vocation over the latter half of his life, and more, is concerned with transformation of Consciousness… We all have work, teachers, etc. But we are all called to the Great Work: Our society has to change from having a disruptive influence on the earth to one of having a benign presence.

I recently posted an article by Charles but because of technical difficulties you may have missed it in your reader. If so, please click on the following green coloured link to read what this modern day hermit-priest articulates about A New Consciousness. Charles is inspiriting as ever as he shares his wonderful insights.  Head on over and wish him a happy birthday!


Cheers ~ Bruce

 ~ Charles Brandt photo ~

Black-bellied plovers - charles brandt photo

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