Home Sweet Home and Kicking off 2015

To illustrate cooperation and to get things done, Francis and I have a saying with our grandchildren – “What does it take?” we ask. “Teamwork!” is the chorus reply. In 2015 and beyond, be it resolved to work, live and love in this spirit of community, and to do this throughout all the earth. Happy New Year, everyone!


Family baking - Bruce Witzel photo

Is there any feeling as wonderful as returning home after a great time away? Good memories of Christmas with grown children, their spouses and grandkids fuelled the joy of my first two nights back in my own bed.

As I usher in 2015, I’m feeling ahead of the holiday season curve. My suitcase is unpacked – that usually takes me at least a few days to attend to. I’m not down for the count with a cold, flu or cough. Most of my Christmas gifts have found a spot to take up residence. Life is good.

January the first puts me in a reflective state. Thoughts of the past year and plans for the upcoming one fill my mind. WordPress tells me, in my annual blog report, that my blog was viewed 19,000 times in 2014. Whew – that apparently represents seven sold out shows at the Sidney Opera House…

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10 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home and Kicking off 2015

    • What a wonder gift Claire, on so many levels!! 🙂 I understand completely about being unable to respond at times – slow is good, to truly allow a seeping into our being where one can ponder, almost at an unconscious level. Being moved to ones core by a simple gesture like an unexpected smile, or an unexpected arm around the shoulder!!! For me, it’s happened on a few occasions in my life, and those moments and people are etched on my soul…. Love and peace to you always . Bruce

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